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committing to 2015

I started the new year by participating in the Commitment Day 5K out in Beachwood, Ohio. It was sort of a last minute decision — I think I registered on the 30th or something. See, my FitBloggin friend Nathan had posted something last week about doing one race a month and I know my college roommate Megan did that in 2014 and all of a sudden I thought that sounded like THE BEST IDEA EVER. So while looking for Cleveland area January races I saw Commitment Day on the 1st and decided to sign up.

The race itself was pretty low-key. As in fun run, so untimed, at least at this location. I got the sense this was a new race for this spot so they weren’t sure what to anticipate in terms of participation. But the cool thing is that it’s a race run all over the country so it was fun knowing I had friends running the same race.

When I got home I, of course, had to work on my scrapbook page and even put a list of the races I’ll be running to stay on track with that commitment!

It will get updated as I register for races, as will the little section on my sidebar with my race calendar.

That was Thursday and on Friday I wore the race t-shirt to my Weight Watchers meeting. When my leader asked about it I explained I ran a 5K on January 1st and made a commitment to run one race per month for the entire year. Then, during the meeting, she gave me a little running man charm for my bling ring!

Isn’t he just so cute?

After being up and down all holiday season, I lost 2.8 pounds last week, bringing my total to 10. I’m at my pre-Thanksgiving weight, which is awesome, but also brings me back to that whole What Do I Do Now place.

Last night I had dinner with a high-school friend and we actually had a long conversation about all of this and I told her it took me a long time to accept that no matter what I do, what direction I choose to go, it’s going to be something I’m going to be doing for the rest of my life. So I don’t really need to make a decision to lose all this weight at this very moment in time. I don’t even have to make that decision this year. All I really have to do is focus on not gaining, which is way harder than people imagine. So I think I’ll just continue to take it one day, one week at a time and not make any big goals for the time being. As long as the scale isn’t moving up, I’ll be okay.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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