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new start to the new year

Monday I returned to work after being off since Christmas Eve and walking into the break room at lunch time stepped into a conversation between two co-workers who were talking about how they are determined to get back on track this week. One had already started her, like, juicing cleanse detox…thing and the other mentioned that because she knew her diet was coming, she completely gorged herself this past weekend.

This made me thankful that 1) I got myself back on track last week and 2) so grateful for Weight Watchers, which allows the balance I need to be successful without drinking my meals or complete balls-to-the-wall restriction.

I was, admittedly, up and down all holiday season. I was on some weeks and off others. But I kept going and never missed a single weigh in (I did skip the actual meeting on the 26th, I had too many post-Christmas errands to run). But after three months, I’m finding I really like the accountability that comes with the meetings. I’d never been much of a meeting gal in the past — it’s why I did it online when I started at 311 way back in January 2011 (which means my four year healthy living anniversary is coming up!) It would seem, though, this is a know your crowd kind of thing because I have a great group of women in my weekly meeting and our leader is just awesomesauce.

Along with getting back and now staying on track (even if it continues to mean not gaining) I’m hoping to get back on track with my blogging. I’ve been a little absent from the social media world these past few months, mostly owing to spending all my time working on a book. That pretty much took up whatever writing and creative space I had. But, my rough draft was due to my editor today and all final book materials due in exactly two weeks (eek!).

Of course, being the planner that I am, I should have everything turned in early and over the past few weeks it hasn’t sucked up nearly as much time as it did over the fall. I’m hoping that once I can officially check mark it all off my To Do List, I’ll be able to reprioritize this lil corner of mine in the big bad websphere. I miss writing here and hopefully you’ve missed reading it!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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