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four years down, a lifetime to go

This is that one post I’m never really sure how to write. Last year I addressed the 47 pound elephant in the room and this year I could address the now 60 pound elephant in the room but I’m not going to take that route. While it’s true that, yes, I did gain 13 pounds over the course of the past 12 months, the real fact of the matter is that I’ll always be a work in progress and there is always the reality that I may be a higher weight year to year.

What should be noted, however, is that I no longer weigh 311 pounds, which was my starting weight when I first signed up for Weight Watchers on January 24, 2011.

Instead, I still weigh roughly 235, which is what I weighed back in June at FitBloggin. That was a weight that left me feeling confident and happy. A weight I felt I could maintain. A weight that was the result of my lifestyle. True, I did gain back another 10 or so which is why I returned to Weight Watchers back in October, I’ve lost that weight and essentially have maintained that weight for almost nine months. I always use late June as my reference, but I went back into my MyFitnessPal account and saw this weight actually started back in early May 2014.

That, ladies & gents, is unheard of for me. I’m either losing or I’m gaining. I am not maintaining. Except, y’know, apparently I am.

Aside from the weight loss, there is so much that I’ve accomplished in the past four years. Like completing not one but two half-marathons. Like now being an Ambassador for the 2015 Cleveland Marathon, which means this year I’ll be completing my third half in May. Like becoming a certified indoor spinning instructor.

So often, those of us with weight issue think only in terms of losing or gaining. We are celebrated if we lose, we are chastised if we gain. In fact, that’s why it’s so hard to come forward and admit that we have gained. What’s rarely acknowledged are those that lost the weight and kept it off. Ask anyone who has lost any significant weight at all and kept it off for several years and they’ll confirm that people sort of stop paying attention, stop caring, when they are no longer a “weight loss success story.” That is, when they are no longer actively losing or recently hit goal. Maintaining that weight loss is far, far harder than losing it to begin with and I am in awe of people who have kept that weight off for any length of time, let alone 5 or 10 or more years. They are the ones we should be celebrating.

So! For my four year healthy living anniversery, I’m not goint to lament the fact that I’m 60 lbs above my lowest. Instead of focusing on where I am not, I’m gong to focus on where I am. And for me that means maintaing a 75 lb weight loss for nearly a year.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

8 thoughts on “four years down, a lifetime to go”

  1. Maintaining IS a great thing! And not just the weight loss…the half marathons and SPIN?? Those are big deals too. Keep up what you're doing. You are awesome!


  2. “We are celebrated if we lose, we are chastised if we gain. In fact, that's why it's so hard to come forward and admit that we have gained.” AMEN!!!

    I love that you've taken the positive spin on this. Congrats! ❤


  3. Great points. My husband was on a long plateau for awhile (he did eventually get off it and lose down to his goal but it took a very long time to get off it). Looking back on it, he isn't really sorry about it and says that he sees that long plateau as a kind of “practice maintenance.” I think that learning how to maintain without either gaining or losing is really, really important and we don't usually get much help in doing it.

    So, yes, maintaining for 9 months is really huge and whether you end up losing more or not it will have helped you tremendously to have that practice in maintaining.


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