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As y’all know, a few weeks ago I submitted a Spark for the FitBloggin Keynote Event. They announced the speakers in two rounds and when the first round was announced last week and my name wasn’t on it I was a little bummed. But yesterday the second round was announced and OHMYGOD IS THAT MY NAME ON THE LIST?! 
I made myself a promise that if my Spark was picked, I would present dressed as my little superhero character. 
The cape belongs to a Wonder Woman outfit type thing I bought at the same time I bought the Batman costume I wore at the Running the Bridges which was the race which inspired my Spark title of It’s Not Last Place, It’s Running With Police Escort…..
Full circle, people. FULL FUCKING CIRCLE.
(Clearly I’m very excited about this.)

If you are looking to attend this amazingly awesomely fabulous conference but are worried about the financial part, they do offer assistantships in the form of being a Live Blogger. Applications are open now, so definitely consider applying! 

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

1 thought on “ZOMG”

  1. Ack! That's so exciting. I'm pretty sure I voted for you. I know that they didn't have names up, but I could tell which ones were from my fave bloggers. I've always wanted to attend fitbloggin, but I'm not enough of a fit blogger :/


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