win a race entry to the Cleveland Marathon!

Is there anything better than when you’re bundling up to go out into the snow and the cold for a workout and realize your athletic jacket has thumb holes?

I think not.

Sunday morning was actually almost balmy at 40 degrees so I took myself over to Edgewater Park which looked like a frozen tundra.

Because it had started to warm up, some of the snow and ice had begun to melt and there were huge puddles along the path. Some you could easily navigate around but for others, well, at some point I just gave up and accepted my fate of wet socks and shoes.

It’s that time of year where people are starting their training for the upcoming Cleveland Marathon races and as an Official Ambassador this year, I get to provide one of my readers with a free race entry! It’s good for any of the distances — 5K, 10K, Half and Full — and some of you may remember I actually won my entry into last year’s half so I’m super excited at being able to pay it forward, as it were, this year.

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11 thoughts on “win a race entry to the Cleveland Marathon!”

  1. Winning would be great! I keep putting off registering, which I know is stupid since the longer I wait the more the price increases….



  2. GoreTex shoes are the way to go around here this time of year. I'd enter the marathon. I love the course. Best of luck to everyone training.


  3. I would love to run the half marathon in Cleveland again this year, especially for Frreeeee! 😉 Hope your training goes well!


  4. I take a great sense of pride in my city, Cleveland, and I believe that running a race is a great way to channel this positive energy. I ran my first half last year and I obviously chose my beloved city of Cleveland. The course was great and an excellent tour through some terrific neighborhoods in Cleveland. I had family from all over the state and country come visit me for my first race! I will definitely be running the half marathon again. Plus, it’s my birthday weekend so I HAVE to do this for myself again. Then I can eat all the cake I want, right? Thanks for this giveaway!


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