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last week I broke the cardinal weight loss rule

Don’t drink your calories. 

Generally speaking, the rule makes sense. But when you aren’t feeling well and have zero appetite, sometimes consuming your calories in the form of Gatorade and/or ginger ale is the only way to go.

I left work early on Tuesday thanks to a migraine and still felt sluggish all week but because of work priorities was unable to call off. Friday was literally the only day I had to sleep in and rest. It meant skipping my Weight Watchers meeting, which is ironic considering I’d probably be way down seeing as how I’d averaged about 800 calories per day between Tuesday and Thursday.

Even though I’m feeling much, much better, I still don’t have much of an appetite which is — to be honest — kinda weird. So much so that I didn’t bother tracking that much over the weekend because I knew I was far below where I needed to be (which was inevitably confirmed when I did track). It felt like the first time I’ve ever really practiced intuitive eating, albeit unintentionally. But, I mean, after basically not eating for four days I decided I wasn’t going to overthink it. I’d eat when I was hungry and I’d eat what I was hungry for. So on Sunday that meant Chicken and Waffles when we went out for brunch and I didn’t feel bad or guilty or put a lot of thought into it. And it ended up being enough to keep me full until about 7 pm when I had a pretty small dinner.

Valentine’s Day was very quiet around here. BC came over Friday night with pizza and we woke up to a very snowy Saturday so decided to stay in. As I’d been sick for the past few days and not eating, I hadn’t made it to the grocery store so I had to make a quick run and then came back and whipped up some blueberry pancakes from scratch. We spent the rest of the day just hanging out, watching movies.

Of course, lest you think we binge watched rom-coms or something, let it be known our movie selections included Silence of the Lambs, There Will Be Blood, Swedish version of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and Girl Who Played With Fire. Because that’s how we roll, yo.

Dinner was leftover pizza and I had one piece and some pretzels and that plus two small pancakes and some bacon at breakfast were all I had all day long. Of course, maybe that’s not so terrible considering how lazy I was that day.

I realize for a first Valentine’s Day together this probably sounds about as un-romantic as one could imagine, but on the contrary, it was absolutely without a doubt the most perfect day I could have imagined.

Today is the last day to enter my giveaway to win a free race entry to any of the Cleveland Marathon events!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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