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race recap: SnoBall 5K

I admittedly haven’t done that much running since the Commitment Day 5K, but as I had used that race to commit to running one race a month, I knew I needed to at least get out there for my February race. For that I selected the SnoBall 5K out in Bay Village, Ohio. It had been so ridiculously cold all week, so I kept my eyes on the temperature and was excited to see it was going to be, well, not quite warm but warmer than it had been as of late. That being said, the snow part of the race certainly lived up to its name.

This was a tough 3. 1 miles for no other reason than the weather. The roads weren’t plowed so not only was the drive in a bit rough but then to try and run on it. In the end I had to walk more than I would have liked and it was a struggle for no other reason than it utilized completely different muscles than I’m used to. I was cold, I was tired, and by around Mile 2 I was ready to turn around to the cop trailing us and ask him to drive me back to the school.

Which, obviously, would have been super stupid considering at that point I only had 1.1 miles left. So I sucked it up and finished in 51:15. Not fabulous, but whatever. If nothing else, the snow seemed to slow lots of people down so at least I wasn’t the only one in the back of the pack. In fact, being in the back of the pack and having lots of time to think gave me a great opportunity to start to work through my FitBloggin Ignite Presentation which, as it would happen, is based on being a slow runner.

They did have a pancake breakfast waiting for us at the school which was a nice change from the usual banana situation. In fact, I’m thinking most races should jump on the post-race pancake breakfast wagon.

After the race I came home and took a nice looooooong shower then spent the afternoon in bed rewatching Mad Men (I hope to finish before the final season starts in April) and putting together my racing scrapbook page.

My next race is St. Malachi — this will be the third year in a row I’ve run it and this year comes with a finisher’s medal!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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