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here we go again

I know I’ve talked about being an Ambassador for the Cleveland Marathon, for which I’ll be running the half. The race isn’t until May 17th and I always follow a twelve week training program, which means all this time I haven’t actually started training yet.

All of that changed on Monday.

I am once again using a Hal Higdon training program which I really like because it’s flexible enough that I can make it work around my schedule. I’ll be spinning at Harness Cycle at least once a week for cross training and I left the other cross training days open so I can kind of decide each week if I want to go to yoga or maybe do another spinning class or take advantage of one of the many workout DVDs I have at home.

Two races are on the schedule: the St. Malachi 5 Miler which is my March race and the Hermes 10 Miler which will be April’s race. Technically the week of Hermes is supposed to be, I think, a 10K race so I’ll be running the 10 miles a couple weeks early but so it goes. Maybe doing it at a race will make those 10 miles a bit easier.

I am going to be completely honest: I have been dreading this. When I ran the Cleveland Half last year it did not go well. Then I started training for the RnRCLE half and my training was going poorly and then the event was cancelled and so, well, I haven’t been feeling very confident about tackling another 13.1 miles. That’s one reason I applied to be an Ambassador, to give myself a little more oomph to work towards.

Part of it, I think, is knowing the early mornings and hard work ahead. Take my run yesterday: I know that 3 miles isn’t a long distance, but when you are a slow runner, having to fit in 3 miles before work means having to get up super early. And in this weather and it still being dark out, that means having to do it on the treadmill which is, like, my least favorite thing ever. And because I haven’t been running as much, I’m not conditioned enough right now to run those 3 full miles, I have to walk some of them which makes each mile take just a little bit longer which means the whole thing takes even longer.

A couple weeks ago, the #wycwyc podcast talked about focusing on the process of something and not just the end result. So that’s what I’m trying to do: focus on the process of training for the half and not just the goal of crossing the finish line. Focusing on making my body stronger and getting back into running mode and fueling my body with healthy foods and on and on. I know I can do this. I have done this. Twice. And I will do it again.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

2 thoughts on “here we go again”

  1. Hey Jill! Great post and training schedule. If you're ever interested in coming down to CSU for a Cycling class on Monday or Wednesday mornings, I get a few free passes a month and would be happy to give you one! I would just need to know about 48 hours in advance and could leave it at the desk for you. I teach cycling Monday and Wednesday, 6-7AM at CSU. There's a great locker room if you're getting ready for work there as well (which I use daily). You're going to rock this training schedule. THIRD TIME IS A CHARM! (P.S. Hope to see you next Saturday as well as meet the boyfriend!)


  2. I hear you, Sister. My weekday runs are at 4:30 am. Usually they are outside, but this year I have had to do the treadmill. If I don't do it that early, I don't have time to do it at all. The upside is that when I wake up at 5:30 or 6:00 on a Sunday for the long run, it's still sleeping in.


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