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(Half) Marathon Monday: Week Two

Another week of training for the Cleveland Half Marathon is in the books!

Monday: Spinning at Harness Cycle
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 4 Miles
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Yoga for Beginners video via Amazon Prime

The first thing you’ll notice is that I have an extra rest day in here than I did last week. The reason for this is I ended up catching a nasty cold from some co-workers and had that on top of my (warning: TMI) period, which meant I literally spent the week wiped out of any and all energy. It was so bad I took Thursday off from work which, considering how rarely I call off, is saying something. But despite not feeling well, I did manage to get all my miles in, so I’m okay with skipping a day of cross training to give my body some much needed rest.

Of course, not feeling well didn’t stop me and BC from heading over to Buckeye Beer Engine Saturday night to celebrate my friend Staci’s 40th birthday! Along with the usual cakes and cupcakes, they had a Mitchell’s Ice Cream Sundae Bar.

I wasn’t aware that was a thing — that is, getting Mitchell’s to come to you — but apparently it is and it’s THE MOST AWESOMEST THING EVER.

This upcoming week is going to be a bit different as I have the annual St. Malachi 5 Mile race on Saturday which means I’ll be using that for my long run instead of doing it on Friday. Because of this time of year the weather can always be a little iffy on race day. In 2013 it was awful but 2014 wasn’t too bad. So far the weather is showing a chance of rain but I will totally take that over snow.

Today is the last day to register for any of the Cleveland Marathon events before the price increase so if you’ve been thinking of signing up, register soon!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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