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temporarily changing my weigh in day

After finishing two half marathons, I know what days work best for me with regards to different parts of my training program. Like, getting my butt up early Monday morning for running? Unlikely. Getting my butt up early for cross-training? No problem. Sundays are a good rest day because it gives me a day to decompress and unwind before heading back to work.

I work four days a week and Fridays are the perfect day for long runs. I usually wake up feeling motivated to go out there and get it and usually don’t have anything going on that day so I don’t have to usually rearrange stuff to fit the runs in. Plus, then it’s done and out of the way and I don’t have it hanging over me the rest of the weekend.

There’s just one problem: Since October I’ve attended a Friday morning Weight Watchers meeting.

Now, I could make both work. But it would require waking up super early Friday mornings, which I’m already having to do the rest of the week to get my work outs in before my job. Granted, sleeping in for me is, like, 8 am (thank you cats) but still. I also know myself well enough that the longer I put it off, the less inclined I am to do it, so if I were to try and run after my meeting, there’s a good 75% chance I won’t do it.

Thankfully there is another location near my job that has a Monday evening meeting and this past Monday I headed over. Work commitments meant I wasn’t able to stay for the meeting, but I at least wanted to weigh in.

And this is where things got a little….nostalgic because it’s a non-automated location. That is, no computers or anything. Which isn’t that unusual I know, but for years I was online and doing everything at home and then when I started going to meetings it was at one of the stores which are computerized so this was just a little….old school.

In fact, when the woman asked me if I kept my paper record at another location it took me a minute to realize what she was asking (and then after she looked at my tracker and realized I had sticker print outs for my weekly weigh-ins she realized I didn’t have one of those, it’s all on the computer). But just the mention of the record like that reminded me of when I signed up for Weight Watchers the very first time, back in 2003, the summer between my junior and senior year of college.

Me back then, with David Mayfield before he got all famous

So, here’s the thing. I’m not at my lowest weight. But, I’ve maintained my FitBloggin weight now for almost a year and as long as I don’t do anything stupid over the next few months, I’ll be speaking at FitBloggin 15 weighing what I did when I attended FitBloggin 14. Which, let me just say, for someone who spent her life either gaining or losing (mostly gaining), that is just astounding to me.

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So, I’m not at my lowest. But, see, lots of women spend their 30s and 40s chasing the weight they were in their 20s. Me? At 33, I weigh thirty pounds less than I did when I was 21.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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