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(half) marathon monday: week six

I use a twelve week training program, which means I am officially halfway through my half-marathon training! I can’t believe the Cleveland Half-Marathon is only a month and a half away!

Monday: Spinning
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: Arms (free weights)
Thursday: Legs
Friday: 6 miles
Saturday: Arms (free weights)
Sunday: Rest

Confession Time: Up until this week, 90% of my training miles have been done on….the elliptical. 

Oof. I know.

It’s just…I cannot do the dreadmill. I can’t. I mean, okay, of course I can do the dreadmill but I choose not to because I hate it and it makes me feel slow and fat and unathletic and essentially the very opposite of how I would like to feel as a runner. Most times I end my treadmill runs super early out of pure frustration.

So, given the choice between doing 4 miles on the elliptical and doing .25 miles before quitting on the dreadmill, I choose the elliptical.

Of course, the elliptical is hardly the same experience and I never fully trust the numbers either the machine or my FitBit gives me in terms of distance so sometimes I go over what I’m supposed to do and sometimes I am under and hope it all balances it out.

So, I woke up Thursday morning and my schedule was to run 4 miles but knowing it was going to be actually nice outside this weekend and being so very tired of having to be indoors all the time (mostly owing to my neighborhood and work schedule), I decided to put it off for a day and do some leg work instead.

Plus, we have a new machine in the mini gym at my building and I’d been looking forward to try it out so this seemed like a good opportunity.

Friday rolled around and I headed to a very foggy Edgewater Park for my run.

Because I had been 1) indoors and 2) on the elliptical all this time (not to mention literally taking a whole week off not that long ago), I was super nervous about the run. After hearing and reading about it so much lately, I also decided to give the Jeff Galloway Run Walk Run method a try, going with 30 sec running/45 sec walking intervals.

Like all running, the first mile was rough but after that I started to get into my groove and as I turned to lap to finish up mile 4 I realized I didn’t want to stop. My training schedule had 4 miles and then 3.1 another day (technically it said an actual 5K race but whatever) so I thought, Well, I could always just maybe add to this 4 mile and shorten that other run….

So that’s what I did. 4 miles became 5. But then as I was coming up on the end of 5 I realized I still didn’t want to stop. So I kept going and 4 miles suddenly turned into 6. Not only did I run an extra two miles, but I felt amazing and was reminded of why I love running. When you’re stuck indoors on machines it can be easy to forget.

To be perfectly honest, I would have gone for 7 miles but because I was only prepared for 4 I didn’t bring any fuel/food with me nor any water (I usually don’t for anything short) and Edgewater still has the water fountains off from the winter season so I couldn’t even stop and grab a drink.

The funny thing is, this is roughly where I was in my training for the (eventually cancelled) RnR Cleveland Half Marathon last fall when I decided to drop from the half to the 10K because running had stopped being fun. This time, I ran more than I needed to because I didn’t want to stop. Like, dafuq? Talk about completely different experiences. But I do think it’s the Galloway intervals — they gave me the endurance to keep going. Plus, the average pace was very very close to what I had at my first half-marathon which means if I can keep this up I might be able to PR! Talk about a goal to keep a gal on track.

Also confirms that I’m probably okay if I stick with doing short week day runs on the elliptical and head outside and actually run-run for the long runs.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

1 thought on “(half) marathon monday: week six”

  1. I am starting the Galloway method for intervals this weekend with my training partner. I hope we have success too!


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