help kickstart the running with police escort podcast!

That’s right you guys, I’m starting a podcast.

Not just any podcast, mind you. This is a podcast dedicated to my fellow runners in the back of the pack. Naturally I’m calling it the Running With Police Escort podcast.

There are some small start-up costs associated with this, like microphone and a website and hosting which is why I turned to Kickstarter and, believe it or not, I hit my goal within 24 hours of launching.

Hitting my goal means that 1) I will officially be able to launch the podcast in a couple months and 2) sustain the podcast for a year, aka financially sustain the website and a place of actually hosting each episode. Those two things combined take up the biggest chunk of my financial resources so I’m now doing more in depth research on technical equipment, such as microphones and headphones. Considering the bulk of your support is going towards the more behind the scenes aspects of the podcast, I’m looking at budget friendly options.

Even though I hit my goal, you can still jump on the backer bandwagon for as little as $1 and if you pledge at least $10 you’ll actually be given advanced access to the first episode! Not only will going above my goal mean the podcast will be sustained for a longer period of time — which means more episodes for you to listen to — but I’ll be able to have more flexibility in buying higher quality equipment, hopefully making those podcasts more enjoyable for you to listen to as well.

So if you’re in a position to become a backer, I hope you’ll seriously consider it and also pass the message along to friends and family who may also be interested in becoming a backer!

Are you a slow runner or walker? Do you always find yourself in the back of the pack at a race? Then I want to talk to you! I’m building my list of potential guests and if you’re interested or know someone else who might be interested in being interviewed, please email me and let me know!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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