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(half) marathon monday: week seven

I still can’t believe the Cleveland Half Marathon is only five weeks away at this point. Part of it, I imagine, is just that my training this time around is so much different than when I was training for my last half (which ended up being cancelled). I’m also absolutely loving the Jeff Galloway Run Walk Run method and while I’m somewhat upset it took me this long to start using it, better late than never, yes?

Monday: Spinning
Tuesday: 4.5 miles
Wednesday: Arms
Thursday: 3.5 miles
Friday: 7 miles
Saturday: Arms
Sunday: Rest

I’ve been trying to add more strength training into my routine on my non-spinning cross training days. I have some hand weights I bought years ago but haven’t used in quite awhile, so I’ve been trying to add them back in. Usually I just stick to the 3 lb weights but I’ve noticed that on any of the arm exercises that target my biceps, the 3 lb weights seem kind of…..easy. So for those I’ve bumped up to the 5 lb weight.

The excess loose skin around my arms from all the weight loss makes it difficult to actually see any definition but the fact that I had to go up a weight speaks for itself.

Friday was my long run day and I was a little bummed when I woke up and it was overcast and cloudy, but knowing those seven miles weren’t going to run themselves, I headed out to Edgewater Park. It rained for maybe the first couple of miles but cleared up after that and I had a rather lovely run and, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t even really mind the rain all that much, it was just the wind causing the rain to kind of sting that I could have done without.

My 16:40 average pace lately has been just slightly slower than my 16:37 average from my first half marathon and I’d really love to PR so that’s my focus. That being said, my splits were very interesting and informative:

The first couple and the last couple miles I was actually running at a much faster pace than my average, so then, of course, I was trying to figure out what I was doing around mile 5 to slow down so much and I realized it was the hill at Edgewater between the lower and upper levels. I had walked up it somewhere earlier in my run, maybe in the very beginning, then came back down, did a couple laps on the lower level then headed back up around mile 4 or 5. By then my legs were already tired and I really do hate that stupid hill so as I headed up the second time I remember asking myself why I thought this was a good idea.

But I do know that hill work is important plus my April race is at Edgewater so I’m going to have to tackle it coming up here in a few weeks so figured might as well get some pre-race work in. If anything, it’s also good to know that I can’t let hills slow me down quite so much, not if I want to PR at the half in May!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

3 thoughts on “(half) marathon monday: week seven”

  1. Just looking at this, I think you have a good shot at a PR! Can you tell me anything about the Cleveland marathon course? I've always thought that might be a fun one. The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon is a horrific torture chamber of giant hills across the Ohio River Valley Basin. My husband ran it, but I feel like if I were to try a marathon or half, it probably wouldn't be my first choice. Curious about Cleveland!


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