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(half) marathon monday: week nine

Obviously it’s not Monday, but that’s what happens with a race weekend!

Monday: Open Flow at Vision Yoga
Tuesday: 3 miles
Wednesday: 3 miles
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday: Hermes 10 Miler
Sunday: rest

Last week was a little different in, well, in a lot of ways. As you’ll notice, I did not start my week with my usual spinning class and, instead, took a yoga class at Vision Yoga on W. 25th in Ohio City. The 6:30 am Open Flow class with Geoff is one of my favorite yoga classes, I just hadn’t been in a long, long time. But last week’s 8 mile long run left my body super sore and I knew that spinning was the last thing it needed.

But yoga….oh, yoga.

The class also left me sore but in a completely different way and it was a good reminder that I really need to get back to a regular practice. Once training is over I may need to sit down and evaluate my budget to figure out balancing yoga and spinning. (BC and I have also discussed joining a local Y which offers both so that’s also very tempting).

So then, I was supposed to have two 5 mile short runs during the week. The thing is, see, after spending the first six weeks doing all of my weekday training runs indoors on the elliptical, it’s getting to that point in the year where I can finally run outside before work.

Only, I don’t live in the nicest area of town and because I’m a slow runner I have to wake up pretty early to get those miles in. When I was training indoors it wasn’t a big deal, but now I have to wait until daylight breaks so I feel safe running outdoors. That means roughly 6:30 am, but that doesn’t give me enough time to get 5 miles in and still be able to be on time for work. It does, however, give me enough time to get about 3 miles in so I decided to just break those short runs up so at least I got the overall mileage in (give or take a mile).

I’m doing the same thing this week only — bonus! — the day is breaking earlier which means I get longer pre-work runs in!

There’s one week left to become a backer for my Running With Police Escort podcast! At Saturday’s race, the only finisher’s photo I’ll get is the one my parents took because the photographer had left long before I got to the end. This is one reason I want to start the podcast, because I don’t think faster runners realize that sort of thing happens to those of us in the back and it’s easy to take their own photos for granted. So please consider becoming a Kickstarter backer and giving me an opportunity to talk to other slow runners about our shared experiences in the back of the pack. 

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

2 thoughts on “(half) marathon monday: week nine”

  1. That 10 miler is certainly impressive!!!

    I would have done the same thing with breaking up the miles. I'm just in the first few weeks of triathlon training for the second year and have decided to stick with a training program that is based on minutes, not miles, which is so much better for me. Can't wait till it's just a wee bit lighter so I can bike/run with friends in the AM! Isn't outdoors so much more inspiring than the 'mill?

    Great job kicking butt and taking names!


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