13.1, running

hello may!

The Hermes Cleveland 10 Miler is totally throwing me off because I keep having to remind myself I still have a half-marathon to run in a little over two weeks! Like, that’s why I ran the 10 Miler — because it was part of my half marathon training (although, even if I don’t do the half next year I’ll still probably run the 10 Miler again since I really enjoyed it). But, seriously, I still have to keep telling myself “You still have 13.1 miles ahead of you!”

I also, of course, had to put together my page from my racing scrapbook.

Can you believe this was my 23rd race? Not bad for a girl who used to walk the mile in high-school. And now here I am, training for my third half!

Not only am I running the Cleveland Half, I’m running it as an Ambassador and earlier this week my shirt showed up.

Man on mangoberry I can’t wait to wear this on May 17th. And not only because whatever company they use makes their shirts a little bit bigger than others, so this Ladies cut XL actually feels roomy and not a bit tight like some of my other tech shirts.

The Expo is being held at the Convention Center downtown which is a change from the IX Center. Not that I’m complaining — the IX Center was a pain to get to and I can actually walk to the convention center. On the list of vendors is the company that made my medal hanger.

I bought it at last year’s convention and now it’s all full. Which brings up a very important question: Do I start doubling up or buy a second hanger? Decisions, decisions.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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