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Race Recap: Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon

So. First things first. Obviously I spent the past few weeks of training talking about how I knew I had a very good chance of PR-ing and, as you’ll see below, at the 10K split I was right on target.

And then the sun and the humidity came out and ohmygod I wanted to die. In the end I finished in 3:46:13, which is a 17:17 minute mile average and slower than my previous best. So, not what I hoped for but the conditions were brutal and I know I wasn’t the only one who struggled with time. Also, despite not finishing like I would have liked, overall I had a much better experience this year than last.

Second, I thought it might be fun to do this particular race recap a little bit different. Instead of just recapping, I’m going to give you a look into what thoughts ran through my head for those 13.1 miles.

Before: Oh HEY! There are the other CLE Marathon Ambassadors (or at least most of them). Picture time!

Thanks to Melissa for posting this after the race!

This was seriously the most amazing group of people I had an opportunity to connect with and I’m so glad I got to join them. So big thanks to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon for selecting me as one of the Ambassadors for the 2015 race. I will definitely be applying again in the future.

Mile 1: What the hell did I get myself into? At least it’s overcast and there is some rain to cool me off.

Mile 2: Okay, I’m feeling good. Starting to get my groove now. This isn’t so bad.

Mile 3: Hi Tremont! Hi sleeping friends!

Mile 4: This whole Run-Walk-Run Galloway Method really is the bees knees. I’m glad I found it sooner rather than later.

Mile 5: If I had signed up for the 10K like I originally planned I would be nearly done. Probably not the best thing to be thinking at this point in the race.

Mile 6: Oh, sweet! According to my split time I’m totally on pace to PR!

Why yes, I did sign up for my own LiveTracker results lol

Mile 7: THANK YOU random stranger who had her sprinkler on for all of us runners. You are officially my new best friend.

Mile 8: Spectator recognized me from the very first ever Told event which was well over a year ago. I’M FAMOUS.

Mile 9: Time check. Oof. That PR is gonna be a close one. The fact that I desperately had to stop and use the porta-potty about half a mile back probably not gonna help. At least I didn’t have to wait in line.

Mile 10: Oh. My. God. This humidity. I just want to kill Mother Nature right now and I still have three fucking miles to go.

Mile 11: Time check. Ugh. Not going to PR. Boo.

Mile 12: I’m never ever ever doing a stupid half marathon ever again.

Mile 13: Just keep running, just keep running, just keep running.

Finish Line: Hey! I’m now a three time half-marathoner! Ooh! My medal! Ooh! Chocolate Milk!

Later, after shower, a nap, and some food: Legs are sore and I can barely walk but, I mean, in the end, it wasn’t that bad….

I had said if I PRed I’d buy this Champion Charm Bracelet and my Sissy is telling me that I still should. I think she’s worried that by not getting the time I wanted I’m diminishing the accomplishment of finishing my third half-marathon. It’s not that, it’s just, I set that as a reward for completing a goal I didn’t get. So it feels like it would be cheating.

But then, see, I was thinking and perhaps trying to figure out a way to get it because, let’s face it, I want the bracelet, and while I didn’t get a personal half-marathon record, I did get a course record. My first half-marathon was the Rock n’ Roll Cleveland Half. That’s the one I ran in 3:37:53. When I ran the Rite Aid Cleveland Half last year I finished in 4:12:38 so technically, this year’s 3:46:31 is a record for me, just not the one I was aiming for. So does that count?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

5 thoughts on “Race Recap: Rite Aid Cleveland Half Marathon”

  1. Personally, I would save it as a half-marathon PR reward, as you originally intended. If it were me, I think I'd feel like I was cheating myself if I got the bracelet through a technicality. I would probably try to PR an “unofficial” half, or find one that starts even earlier in the morning so the sun and heat aren't such an issue. It's totally up to you though, and you DID PR that particular course, so if you want to get it anyway, go for it! You're a freakin' 3-time half-marathoner!


  2. I ran the 10k and I can attest to the brutal weather conditions. You finished the race which is a huge accomplishment. Get the bracelet…you earned it.


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