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race recap: Nature’s Bin 5K

Several weeks ago, I asked BC if he was interested in running a race together. He runs a little bit and very early into our relationship he asked about running together but we never got around to it. Then I noticed the race I was eyeing for June — to fulfill my commitment to running one race a month — fit around his work schedule.

So Saturday morning we headed over to Lakewood Park for the Nature’s Bin 5K. I was admittedly a little worried, knowing that he’s slightly faster than me but as soon as we started we just each did our own thing. That meant he was always a little ahead of me, but it was honestly kind of fun looking up ahead and seeing him turn the corner and then knowing the whole time that he’d be waiting for me at the finish line.

If you’ve listened to the first episode of my new slow runner podcast, you’ll know that my guest Liz mentioned how sometimes during races she talks to other people in the back of the pack and I said that’s something I’ve never done before. This time, though, I decided to listen to Liz’s advice and when one of the other women in the back caught up with me during one of my walking intervals I decided to match her pace for about half a mile and chat. I’m glad I did, too, so I may have to do it at future races.

I haven’t seen anything close to a 15:02 pace since last summer when I ran the Copper River Salmon 5K and had a 14:38 pace. Had I not walked that half mile or so I probably would have gotten a sub-15 minute mile, which is good because now I have a new running goal to work towards!

One of my favorite things about this particular race is they have a really nice post-race breakfast spread, including yogurt, granola, fruit, bagels, etc.

So often, races start packing up so early, those of us in the back of the pack miss all the festivities that happen after the race is done so I always appreciate races that wait until all participants have crossed the finish line.

BC is one of my biggest cheerleaders when it comes to my running, but it was so much fun getting to run it with him and sharing the race experience. I have a feeling this will be the first of many races we do together.

That afternoon we headed to the Cleveland Flea where I found this little fella from Little White Barn Company.

Of course, this three time half-marathoner needed to buy it.

My next race is the Shawshank Hustle, which I’m running at the end of July with my dad. It’s 4 miles, which is a bit longer than I have run in awhile. I admittedly did this past weekend’s race pretty much completely untrained, but for four miles I should really focus on getting out there more over the next few weeks. Especially if I want to work on getting a faster pace!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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