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race recap: rock city 5K

Who knew that I’d get to a point in my life where I’d be all “Ran a 5K this morning. NBD.” It’s always nice when you still have the power to surprise yourself!

This particular race was hosted by Cleveland’s own Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and Saturday afternoon I headed over to pick up my race packet. There was also a half-marathon, but I just went for the 5K.

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early and headed over. I didn’t know what the parking situation was going to be like, I ended up parking in one of the lots downtown about a mile from the start line. This actually worked out well because it gave me a chance to warm up my legs before the race.

I got there just in time to see the half-marathon start, which a couple of my fellow CLE Marathon Ambassador friends were running. Then, while I was hanging out waiting for the 5K to start, I was on Facebook and realized one of my high-school friends was also running the 5K! I wasn’t able to find here before we started, but I did at the very end which was a nice surprise. I also found out she is running a few upcoming races that I’ve been considering as well, so that might be the push I need to sign up. After all, I committed to running one race a month in 2015 and still have a few more months to go!

If this course wasn’t the exact same one as the Bernie Shuffle last fall, it was pretty close. There was a slight hill in the beginning but other than that it was pretty flat (and, of course, meant we went downhill at the end).

There were quite a few walkers at the race which I think is great because it means people are realizing that races like this aren’t just reserved for runners. I also wore my Running With Police Escort shirt and had a couple people come up and talk to me about it.

My chip time was 49:04 which meant a 15:48 average. I wanted sub 16 minute miles so I’m quite happy with my final time!

The finisher’s medal looks like a vinyl record which naturally fits with the Rock Hall theme. The race started at 7:45 am so I was on my way home by 9 so I still had the whole day ahead of me! I think that’s one reason why I love 5Ks so much. Half-marathons always leave me so exhausted after and while, sure I took a nap this afternoon, I wasn’t feeling the effects quite as much as I do with longer distances.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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