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10K Training Tuesday: Week One

Monday: 1.6 miles
Tuesday: Spin class at the Y
Wednesday: Speed work
Thursday: 2 miles
Friday: Kettlebells
Saturday: 2 miles
Sunday: Rest Day

First week of 10K training is in the books! As I mentioned in my latest podcast episode, my training plan this time around is a hybrid of plans from Jeff Galloway and Hal Higdon. The weekday schedule is Galloway and the schedule of long run distances is Higdon.

Part of my reason for doing this is because I’m training for 10 weeks. Most 10K training plans are 6-8 weeks while Galloway’s is 13. But I’ve had such a high since the Akron Marathon Relay, I didn’t want to lose it by waiting a couple weeks to start training. Plus, this way I can build my October race into my training!

Last week I talked about how I was adding in some speed work to help this slow runner be less slow and my Believe Training Journal came in super helpful with that because they have an entire section of drills. I decided to go with The Biter, only I adapted it slightly due to, well, mostly ability because running full on 200 meters is a bit out of my depth at this point.

That said, there is this small parking lot next to my apartment building with a sidewalk wrapped around it. I’ve started running there because it has the feel of a track so I don’t have to worry about cars. It’s smaller than a track though but I’ve measured it to be 75 meters per side so that’s what I did. I followed the same drill only for 75 meters at a time and with only about a 20 second rest in between. I did three sets and walked a lap between each set. My plan is to slowly work up to longer distances.

The Galloway schedule has several Walk or Cross Train days, so I substituted one of those for speed drills. I like the flexibility of “walk or cross train” because it means that I can mix it up week to week, depending on how I’m feeling. During the winter especially waking up early is so annoying so I like knowing that if it’s Friday morning and I am just so not feeling it I have the luxury of being able to go for a walk at lunch.

This Sunday is the Great Beer Chase 5K which is my October race and, of course, I’m training for the Christmas Story 10K which is in December. I’m about 95% sure the Turkey Trot will be the race for November. Not only is it one of the few races offered in Cleveland that month but the 5 mile distance fits in perfectly with my training. Bonus: I think BC might be joining me!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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