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Race Recap: Great Beer Chase 5K

One of the best things about living in Cleveland is having first class access to Great Lakes Brewing Company. I live ridiculously close to their brewery, which means every winter I get to see crates upon crates of Christmas Ale being purchased from the gift shop on a regular basis. (I also fully admit to taking for granted how easy it is for me to walk into a grocery store and buying GLBC brew whenever I want. Of course, that also means that I’ll frequently get texts from my sister asking me to buy stuff for her she can’t get in DC!)

So when I heard that they were having a 5K as part of Cleveland Beer Week I absolutely had to sign up. Especially when I realized it was in October and would be perfect for this month’s race!

Bonus, when I went to pick up my race packet I saw that thanks to the recent rebranding, Great Lakes was selling, at a discount, items with the old branding. Which means I got a metal poster of my favorite year round brew!

Sunday morning I headed over to the brewery bright and early. This race was interesting because it was called the Great Beer Chase and there was beer to chase — along the course, five runners were designated and dressed up as five of GLBC’s brews and if you ran faster than them you were entered into a drawing that won prizes during the awards ceremony at the end. It was kind of amusing, ’cause I was running along the course and saw this guy in a full-on old school Navy costume, including carrying a sword, and was like WTF….Oh, right. Commodore Perry!

The race was nice and flat and a basic out and back — we ran from the brewery about 1.5 miles up the street, turned around, and headed back towards the brewery.

The whole race there was this women slightly ahead of me, walking the entire time. About two miles in I started to catch up with her in spurts, like during my running intervals. All of a sudden, whenever I started to pass her she’d start running. She’d been walking the whole time but at the possibility of being passed by me she’d pick up her pace and pull ahead. It was so bizarre but hey, I’ll motivate people wherever and whenever I can!

Papa G. came to see me run, which was nice. About half a mile from the end I spotted him on one of the street corners waiting to see me and then he had to hurry back to the finish line to see me crossing it!

I finished in 47:30 which was a 15:19 average. Looking over my previous races, that’s my second best in the past twelve months — maybe that speed work I’ve been doing as part of my 10K training is working!

The medal was a beer bottle opener which, let’s admit it, is THE BEST MEDAL EVER.

Obligatory post-race photo.

Because of course.

After, Papa G. and I went out to brunch and I spent the rest of the day lounging around. Naturally, I also had to work on my racing scrapbook page.

This is one of my favorite things to do after a race and it’s always fun to go back and look through it to see past races as well.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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