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Face the Scale Friday: Week Nine

Daily Points: 38
Weekly Points used this week: 49/49
Activity Points earned this week: 24
Points remaining at end of week: 23
Weight lost this week: -1.2
Total weight lost: -6.8
Starting weight: 259.8
Current weight: 254
YOU GUYS. I went the whole week and only used ONE of my Activity Points! After weeks and weeks (and weeks) of not only eating all of my APs but eating above and beyond them, this is the best feeling and it definitely helped keep me on track for the rest of Thursday. I went out after work to one of my favorite restaurants and when it came time to ordering food I definitely had it in the back of my mind that I didn’t want to lose my momentum and was able to have a beer and order something small and stayed within my daily points for the day.

Wednesday night I had the pleasure in taking part in a Google Hangout session with some of my fabulous FitBloggin friends. Specifically, friends that had also been part of the post-Ignite spontaneous chat in the lobby of the conference.

So here I am, three months later and, to be honest, I’m still not sure my weight is a priority. I want it to be, I think. I see pictures of myself and I’m not satisfied with what I see, but I’m still not putting in the full effort that I could be putting in.

Ultimately, I think I’ve finally accepted that this really is a lifelong thing. I know I’ve always said that from the beginning, but it’s starting to sink in. So maybe it’ll take me 10 years to lose 20 lbs. So what? That decade is going to pass anyway, maybe it’s better to just keep doing things that support a healthy lifestyle like running and making good food choices and worry less about the weight loss that may or may not come with it. 

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

2 thoughts on “Face the Scale Friday: Week Nine”

  1. Way to go! You have a great mindset.

    I've also finally realized that this journey really is a lifelong thing, and it's gonna take as long as it takes. So far, it's been a year and a half… I may be losing slowly, but at least I'm 40 pounds down and not the other way around!


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