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Face the Scale Friday: Week Fourteen

Weight lost this week: +1.4Total weight lost: +1.6Starting weight: 259.8Current weight: 261.4As my friend Kelly likes to remind me, the scale is only one tool, one data point, to measure progress. So, what other pieces of information do I have?Well, I know that I earned 27 Activity Points this week which is the most I've earned in several weeks.I… Continue reading Face the Scale Friday: Week Fourteen

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10K Training Tuesday: Week Seven

Monday: 1.3 milesTuesday: Spinning at YMCAWednesday: Walk at lunchtimeThursday: RestFriday: 1 mileSaturday:  4 milesSunday: RestMy annual autumnal ennui left me a little lax with regards to my 10K Training which also left me feeling a little nervous. Especially once I realized how quickly the Cleveland Turkey Trot, was approaching, which meant that the Christmas Story 10K… Continue reading 10K Training Tuesday: Week Seven

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Face the Scale Friday: Week Thirteen

Weight lost this week: -0.6Total weight lost: +0.2Starting weight: 259.8Current weight: 260Who knew I could get SO EXCITED over half a pound? But, no joke: Hopped on the scale Wednesday morning when I first woke up, saw the number, and started grinning. After everything last week, I shifted gears slightly this week. By that, I mean instead of doing the… Continue reading Face the Scale Friday: Week Thirteen