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Race Recap: Christmas Story 10K

Back in January, when I committed to running one race per month for all of 2015 I knew, without a doubt, that the Christmas Story 10K would be my December race. I ran this in 2013 when it was the inaugural year for the race, skipped in in 2014 (mostly because I didn’t like the medal design), but wanted to be back for 2015.

For those that don’t know, part of A Christmas Story was filmed right here in Cleveland and the city is very proud of that fact. During the Christmas season, leg lamps are everywhere and the race has become an annual tradition.

After the cluster that was the Turkey Trot, I needed a good run and this race followed through, starting with the fact that they were strict about that 9 am start time and began right on schedule. They were also super supportive of slow runners and walkers. They even had an entire walking division — along with the usual pacers holding signs for 8 minute miles, etc., they had someone with a sign just for walkers!

The course started downtown near Tower City, which houses the building that used to be the Higbees that was featured in the film as the department store where Ralphie visits Santa. From there it crossed the Lorain-Carnegie bridge into Tremont. The 5K race ended at the actual Christmas Story House while those of us in the 10K turned and headed back to downtown.

When I said this race was huge, what I meant was that usually in races that have a turnaround like that, I’m always on the “slow” side of the street and watching the faster runners head home. This time, by the time I looped back from the house and was heading back there were still walkers heading towards the house so I actually got to be on the “fast” side of the street for once! Most were doing the 5K so the back of the pack for the second half of the 10K was smaller but there were still several of us running/walking at roughly the same pace so we were kind of a pack all on our own.

The course finished right back at Tower City where we go out medals and they had hot Ovaltine (of course) waiting for us. And, of course, our medals!

It’s a major award!

I finished in 1:37:58 which is super close to my 2013 time of 1:37:23. My overall pace average was 15:48 miles which I’m very happy with. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the 10K distance. It takes me usually a mile or two to warm up, which means the race is practically over by then in a 5K. But a 10K is a nice distance that is challenging but doesn’t require as much training as, say, a half-marathon.

I always talk about how speed and pace can never be determined by size or weight and this is pretty much proof of this:

When I ran this in 2013 I weighed roughly 220 pounds. This past weekend I ran this weighing roughly 260 pounds. A 40 pound difference but my speed was nearly identical. The funny thing is, running over my recap from two years ago I wasn’t thrilled with that pace and while I had a strong start and was running a lot in the beginning, I eventually had to start walking. This time around I did my 30:30 intervals so the walking portions were already built in (so to speak) and I felt strong throughout the whole thing, especially at the end.

Strength, size, endurance, and ability — these things can’t be determined by what you look like.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

4 thoughts on “Race Recap: Christmas Story 10K”

  1. This was my first year running this race. Jon and Kyla ran it too. We are definitely going to make this a tradition. It was also my first 5k 🙂 I'm just getting back from a pretty bad injury, so I didn't want to push too hard. Probably going to do the 10k next year. I felt like I was just getting started when I saw the finish line, lol!

    Great job on your race!



  2. It's funny, because during the first mile when it's that “the first mile is a liar” moment I seriously was like “Oh man, I should have signed up for the 5K” but then as soon as I got to the house I was so glad I still had 3 more miles to run 🙂


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