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Weigh In Wednesday and my frustrations with SmartPoints

Starting weight: 259.8
Last Week: 259.2
This week: 263.6
Weight lost this week: +4.4
Total weight lost: +3.8
Oh, holiday season.

I can’t even pretend to be surprised. I mean, between being sick and wanting only comfort foods (which are never scale friendly) and Christmas and holiday parties and, well, yeah. Four and a half pounds are bound to happen.

It’s frustrating because I want to follow the Weight Watchers new Smart Points plan but I find it challenging. Really challenging. Not in a “I’m going to challenge myself to run a half-marathon!” optimistic challenging, but in a “This is impossible and I’m never, ever going to succeed” challenging.

In the beginning, I liked that sugar was now part of the calculations because I, like most people, eat too much of it. The problem I’m finding is that it the whole plan feels far, far more restrictive than before. It’s not like I was binging on candy bars but I liked knowing if I wanted, I had the option to have a small splurge and go about the rest of my day. There are no small splurges. All those small splurges are now big, some really big points wise, and having one puts me over which makes me just say fuck it and throw the whole plan out the window.

I think my issue is that it feels less like a “lifestyle change” and now feels like a diet. Like a legit restrictive, confining, punishing, depriving diet. Which is pretty much the exact opposite of how I want to feel.

It’s not even that I’m sabotaging myself. Playing off of what I talked about on Monday, this was my breakfast on Tuesday:

Two slices of this hearty whole grain wheatberry bread that I’m obsessed with. Two slices Gouda. Topped with 1/2 smashed avocado. Only thing missing would be some protein in the form of an egg, but I was doing this at work and didn’t have any hard boiled ones to bring with me. 

Delicious. Tasty. Carbs, dairy, good fats. Kept me full until lunch. 

And almost 20 Weight Watchers SmartPoints. Add in the that egg and I’d be at half my daily SmartPoints just at breakfast.

So this is where I’m feeling frustrated because that is a good breakfast but if I were to make it Weight Watchers friendly I’d have to use some “light” bread or low-fat or fat-free cheese (granted, I could have gotten away with only one slice split between the two but Gouda).

Also, what exactly is the point of the FitPoints if we aren’t encouraged to swap them? I liked the Activity Points. I liked the fact that when I hooked up my FitBit there was a baseline of activity I had to hit before it started counting it. I liked knowing that if I went over on Weekly Points there was that bit of a buffer of APs. I didn’t work out just to eat more, but when I’m training I’m working out a lot which means I need to eat more to keep my body fueled which means I used those Activity Points.

Now, though, we earn FitPoints for basically do nothing all day and there’s no baseline like before. Plus, while I know the official word is that yes you can swap if necessary, it’s more of an opt-in thing, you have to go into your account and change the settings which suggests that, no, they don’t actually really want you doing that. So then what, exactly, is the point of them? Especially if the threshold to earn is so ridiculously low?

On December 21st I stayed home sick. I literally spent the day in bed and by the end had 1092 total steps. WHY AM I EARNING 2 FITPOINTS FOR THAT?!

Ugh. I can’t even with this anymore.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

6 thoughts on “Weigh In Wednesday and my frustrations with SmartPoints”

  1. How frustrating! I don't think I could have kept it up even for a day before I would have said fuck it because I cannot even imagine how many Smartpoints are in the half and half I take in my coffee. To start off the day feeling like all I can have the rest of the day is vegetables would make me throw in the towel on all the other good I could do during the day. I hope you find something that fits your lifestyle better! On the advise of a personal trainer I worked with for a short while, I'm using the My Fitness Pal and syncing it with my Fitbit.


  2. I stopped losing weight once they introduced Points Plus, I cant even remember what the name of that program was back then, but it's point configuration worked best for me. Now I just semi count calories & make smart food choices. I follow a more paleo way of eating, because wheat causes inflammation in my body, which in turn leads to back pain & migraines. If WW is bringing you more aggravation than peace, maybe its time to step back & try something else for a while?


  3. Yes, I remember which plan you're talking about!

    I think you're right though, if it's bringing me more aggravation than peace. That's definitely a good way of putting it and seeing it in that perspective definitely makes me thing you're right.


  4. I was seriously thinking of rejoining WW, but won't with the new program. Nothing about Smart Points appeals to me as like you said, it's too restrictive and diet-like. Granted, I have no idea what the Smart Point values for different foods are, but looking at the point value for your breakfast it seems like the plan is going backwards and rewarding users who choose the more processed low fat low sugar foods. That's not the direction I want to go in with my food choices.


  5. I get where you are coming from, but I think we have to look at the challenge as something to invest in and not see immediate results. at least that's where I'm at right now. See I would have swapped out your gouda cheese (and I'm in the Netherlands surrounded by the stuff) and used some lowfat cottage cheese instead. it's divine with avocado 🙂 just sayin. but to be honest, the plan comes at a time of year when it's so very hard to stick to, therefore I'm going to give it (and myself) and little bit more time to figure out what works. And by the way, totally using my activity points.


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