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2015 Race Recap

Back in January, this slow runner made the commitment to run one race per month for all of 2015 and I am proud to say I followed through on that plan!

January: Commitment Day 5K
This is the race that started it all and we actually were encouraged to write our 2015 commitment directly on our bibs, which was kind of cool. I finished the race in 49:40 which was an average pace of 15:59

February: SnoBall 5K
Given the weather on race day, the SnoBall 5K certainly lived up to its name and I did more walking than I planned just because it was near impossible to navigate the snow. But, the nice thing was they had a pancake breakfast after while they passed out awards and didn’t start until everyone was finished. As a slow runner I usually miss all the good stuff like that, so it was appreciated. Final time was 51:15 which was an average pace of 16:29.

March: St. Malachi 5 Mile 
This was my third time running St. Malachi and I’m already registered for the 2016 race, too! I was coming off a cold so breathing was a bit tricky, which slowed me down. For 2015, I ran it in 1:24:43 which comes out to 16:57 per mile.

April: Hermes 10 Mile 
I’m already planning an entire chapter around this race in my memoir because it really highlighted some of the struggles that come with being a slower runner. The photo above is from that race and I’m considering submitting it to my editor for the cover (assuming I can find the high res original Papa G took). After ten miles, my final time was 2:41:19 which was a 16:07 average.

May: Cleveland Half-Marathon
I’m a 3x half-marathoner! I had really hoped to PR on this race and at the 10K mark was right on pace but then got to those final 4 miles of the course which I think is everyone’s least favorite part and after being out on a hot, hot day it totally slowed me down. In the end I finished at 3:46:31 which came out to a 17:17 average pace.

June: Nature’s Bin 5K
This race was my fastest time all year: finished in 46:37 which was a 15:02 average! I also ran this with my boyfriend BC which was a fun experience for both of us.

July: Shawshank Hustle
Yay! This was not only a race built around one of my favorite movies but it was also my dad’s very first race! We finished in 1:22:45 which came out to a 17:59 average pace. It was a super popular race and the beginning was very congested so we had to walk for most of the first 1/2 mile or so.

August: Rock City 5K
Living in Cleveland means I always get to run in and around some pretty cool locations and this one was for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Bonus, my friend Jessica was running it, too! My final times was 49:04 which is an 15:48 average.

September: Akron Marathon Relay
If I had to pick one race to crown my 2015 favorite, it would be this one. Not only did I get to run with some of my fellow Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors as part of a relay team, some other ambassadors ran other races that day so it was like a family reunion, and the event was so incredibly well-organized I can’t even. I’m seriously considering signing up for the Akron Half next fall, I loved the entire weekend so much. For my leg of the relay, I finished in 57:35 which comes out to an average of 16:00 minute miles.

October: Great Beer Chase 5K
BEER. This race was hosted by Great Lakes Brewing Company which is just right up the street from me and I can easily pop into the grocery store and buy it whenever I want, something I totally take for granted. It was fun because they had runners designated as some of their beers, like a guy in a suit and tie for Eliot Ness or a full on costumed Commodore Perry, and they were out running with us. Our finishers “medal” was a GLBC bottle opener which I proudly have hanging with all my other more traditional metals. Final time was 47:30 for a  15:19 average.

November: Turkey Trot
This 5 mile race honestly kind of made me a little angry because of the way Hermes handled it, which is unfortunate because they usually do a really awesome job at races. We started late and then they were packing everything up before the back of the was anywhere near finished. Final time was 1:25:58 for an average of 17:12 minutes.

December: Christmas Story 10K
What a great way to end my commitment of running one race per month! Not only was this my second movie themed race of the year, but it was a great run with a great crowd. Final time on my 10K was 1:37:58 for a 15:48 average.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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