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Weigh In Wednesday: Week Twenty Three

Starting weight: 259.8
Last Week: 262.4
This week: 261.2
Weight lost this week: -1.2
Total weight lost: +1.4

Obviously I was feeling a little….feisty after last week’s weigh in. But it’s so hard to process a gain when you did the work and followed the plan and exercised. You’d think after so many years of this I’d be used to gains like this but sometimes it still catches up with me.

I tried the new Weight Watchers plan, you guys. I really tried and while I lost weight this week, my frustrations with the overall system outweigh the number on the scale. To the point that I actually cancelled my subscription (and when they asked why, I had no problem telling them the reason).

I like the plan in theory. I think Weight Watchers is on the right track with regards to changing our perspectives on our food choices but I don’t like how it works in actual practice. It left me feeling aggravated and discouraged which is not a recipe for success. I make good choices 80% of the time but somehow that other 20% seemed to take up far more points than seemed reasonable for a balanced lifestyle.

So, I cancelled and will be using MyFitnessPal for the foreseeable future. This isn’t new: I’ve always been using MFP off and on for years, even when also doing Weight Watchers. I like having a general idea of my calorie intake. But somehow, now that 20% feels like 20% and my eating habits allow for more flexibility. Interestingly (but not surprisingly), since cutting way back on sugar and artificial sweeteners, my own sweet tooth has retreated and I don’t feel the need to splurge on dessert as much.

This is my kitchen cabinet. I have an old, old Before photo along with my current weight and short term goal weight. I’m thinking in five pound segments now. Once I get to 260, I’ll look ahead to 255. Then 250, etc., etc. I have extra note cards for when

I saw this in the home of a friend a few weeks ago and was really struck by the visual. She didn’t have the photo, I added that, but just having those numbers in place in my kitchen, the one room where all of my food choices are made, is a constant reminder.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

1 thought on “Weigh In Wednesday: Week Twenty Three”

  1. If not for my amazing WW meeting group and leader, I'd probably cancel my WW membership too; my heart just hasn't been in tracking SmartPoints, where all I get is a bunch of negative numbers even when I'm within my calories on MFP.

    Like you, I get the reasoning behind the plan, but it's just not working for me right now.


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