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Race Weekend As an Injured Runner

So despite that whole ankle bullshit, I still had to be active and involved in the Cleveland Marathon Race Weekend — which is actually probably a good thing. Otherwise, I would have sat around being all sad and mopey about not running. (Granted, I was still kind of sad and mopey but I still got to experience some of the fun stuff that comes with race weekend so it was okay).

Because Sissy was running the 10K on Sunday I still had to get to the Expo downtown to pick up her race packet. I was sort of in a tricky situation because, like an idiot, I had forgotten to bring quarters and I was driving down there while metered parking was still in effect. 
After my fourth drive around I spotted an opening right in front of the Convention Center, behind the crosswalk. I pulled in and moved ahead a bit — into the cross walk — to adjust and just as I started to reverse into the spot A MOTHERFUCKING SUV PULLED INTO THE SPOT RIGHT BEHIND ME. 
My options now are 1) illegally park over a crosswalk or 2) keep looking for a spot. 
You guys. I am not one to exhibit road rage on a regular basis but OH. MY. GOD. If not for the fact that I can’t really walk — hence wanting a spot near the entrance — I would have gotten out of my car and it would not have been pretty. 
I did the only thing I could do, I did another lap around the building, this time in tears. THANKFULLY when I pulled up in front again I found a spot that was even better, right out front. I am not the best parallel parker but I managed to maneuver my car in and headed inside. 
I haven’t made any big official announcement yet on the blog, but I’m now a Bondi Band Ambassador which, if you read this, you know I am a huge Bondi Band fan, so this is pretty awesome. So, of course, one of the first places I stopped was their booth to pick up some more. 

Normally I’d take my time walking around the Expo, but this was very much a get in and get out situation. I did manage to run into some of my fellow Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors so that made me happy. Not all of us were there at the same time but that’s okay because Friday night was the fancy VIP Reception at the Hyatt.


Saturday afternoon, my dad brought Sissy to the house and we just had a low-key evening. We all went to bed early because BC had offered to play chauffeur for us in the morning, which meant we all had a ridiculous wake up time. (He also went out and got us Barrio tacos for dinner. He really is amazing. Like, for real.)

Sunday morning we were all up a little after 5 am and BC drove Amy and I downtown. It was cold, grey, and very overcast. Oh yeah, AND THERE WAS HAIL. IN MAY. The plan was for me to go to the VIP Brunch while she was running and then I’d be at the finish line in time to see her. Originally I was going to hang out with Sissy at the start line, but because she didn’t want to make me walk more than necessary she offered to just go by herself and BC could drop me off somewhere along the course.

With road closures it was a little tricky, but he found a spot that would make it easy for me to get where I needed to go. After losing $20 at the casino, I parked myself near Public Square to watch the race. I was hoping to see Sissy as she passed by, but there were just so many people. I did spot a couple of my Ambassadors though!

Once all the runners passed me — had to watch those with the police escort, yo! — it was about 7:15 and I walked the block or two to the Marriott, where the brunch was being hosted. With the foot and the slick sidewalks I was walking super slow, terrified of slipping. I knew she’d be finishing a little after 8 am and wanted to give myself plenty of time to get to the finish line and find a spot so I ate pretty quick but it was tasty all the same.

As an Ambassador last year, I had to miss the brunch because it ended while I was still running my half. My friend Jamie has said she usually RSVPs and sends her family, giving them somewhere to go while she’s running her marathon. I may have to steal that idea if I ever run the half as an Ambassador again. They changed the course this year which is far more favorable –ie. way less time on the Shoreway for the half, which I always found to be the absolute worst four miles of the entire course. It’s one reason I didn’t register for it this year so I’m not discounting it for the future.

After breakfast I hobbled on over to the finish line to see Sissy. I got there a little early but that meant I managed to get a good spot, although it took some work to get around the construction and messed up sidewalks.

The 10K runners were, at this point, the only ones coming in but it was still a good chunk of people and I was trying to keep a careful eye out. Luckily, she dressed with some pretty wild running tights so I knew what to look for. We spotted each other at the same time and waved.

She finished her first 10K in 1:04:14 and I am so proud of her!

As for the ankle situations, welllllll it’s a little bit different than what I thought last week (and if you follow me on social media you know what I am talking about). I hope to have an updated post tomorrow.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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