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One Week Down #Anklegate

Yesterday was my one week follow up with the Bone Doc.

Him: How are you doing?


(I didn’t really say that. He asked about the cast. I said I hate it. WHICH I DO WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING.)

I had a whole plan, too. I was committed. I was actually looking forward to training, unlike last time when I was actually dreading half-marathon training. I had all of my first few weeks runs in my Passion Planner (thank you washi tape, totally removable) and I was following a new training plan that I was super excited about. I had also contacted the local school district to find out the rules regarding residents using the track and now……I still don’t know.

That said, my appointment went better than I anticipated. Apparently, when he quoted me 4-6 weeks, he was counting that whole “Oh hey, I think I have a sprained ankle and I’m walking around on it.” Originally, last week, he told me he wanted to see me this week and next. My x-rays look so good, we’re skipping next week. I’ll return in two weeks at which point he’ll take this cast off, take some better x-rays, then put another cast on. With any luck it will be a walking cast. Not a boot, mind you. I specifically asked about that. This would be a fiberglass cast like I have now, but I’d at least be able to put weight on it.

Oh man, if I can put weight on it, I might still be able to manage the Akron Half in September. Right now, if everything goes according to plan I’ll probably be out of the cast by late June. My previous training plan would have me starting in early July, so I’d have about two weeks of cast freedom.

It would be cutting it close and I don’t know if it would be better to forgo Akron this year, give my foot the full recovery period, and run it in 2017 instead. Thing is, I didn’t buy the insurance when I registered (BUT YOU BET I’LL START DOING IT NOW WITH EVERY SINGLE RACE GOING FORWARD) and they don’t allow deferments, transfers, or refunds.

Which is pretty dumb. I get refunds and deferments because that 2016 money should go for the 2016 race and all but if you had someone who paid and they can’t run, why can’t you just have someone else run? But I don’t want to Black Market sell my bib and have someone run under my name, that’s the kind of shit that gets you in trouble. Luckily I registered under Early Bird pricing so I am okay with not getting that money back if it comes to that.

And it’s one of those things where I won’t know until I know. Which means I won’t know for, like a month or so when the cast officially comes off and I’m in the clear. So, really, it’s no use worrying or stressing or wondering about it right now because there’s nothing to be done.

(Also, how did it take me so long to start using .gifs in my posts?!)

I will say, I’m actually a damn lucky runner in that in the 4+ years I’ve been running, this is the first time I’ve been sidelined. And I didn’t even injure myself while running, this was some stupid freak accident thing.

Also, check out this totally awesome article I am quoted in!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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