Slowly and with a slight limp, but I’m walking!

At my appointment yesterday, the bone doc put me in a walking cast with a shoe….thing that I wear over it.

I used the crutches at work all day yesterday but at the house I was okay without them, just kind of leaning on furniture if I needed assistance. It’s awkward and a little cumbersome but still: I. AM. WALKING.

I am SO EXCITED TO BE MOBILE AGAIN OMG. I can walk. And carry things. All at the same time! I don’t have to wheel around the office in a knee scooter or wheel around the house in an office chair (although I will miss the knee scooter). I may actually be able to ditch the big bulky work backpack I’ve been using and go back to a purse. I can wear dresses! And skirts! I have literally been wearing yoga pants and t-shirts for almost two months straight —

My next appointment is on July 11th, he said he’ll give me a boot or an air cast. He’s a very…… conservative doctor, always taking the more extreme route and from past experience it’ll probably be the boot. But, he told me two weeks but with his full schedule it’s going to be closer to 2 1/2 weeks so who knows, I may get lucky this time.

Either way, I’ll be in something at my cousin’s wedding on the 16th but whatever. It’s not like I’m much of a dancer at weddings even with two good feet.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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