nine weeks later…..

But, like, for real tho.

Nine weeks ago I was coming down the stairs at the new house and slipped on the bottom two steps and fell, injuring my ankle. Thinking it was sprained, I walked on it for a week only to discover eight weeks ago that, nope, it’s broken lulz.

Two weeks ago I was given the go ahead to start walking, after six weeks of non-weight bearing status.

Yesterday I had another follow-up appointment. Now, at the end of my last appointment, the doctor said he’d give me something removable like a boot or an air cast. Knowing how conservative he is as a doctor, I was preparing for the boot.

So I go to the doctor and I’m sitting in the examination room, waiting for the technician or whomever to take my cast off. The practice I’ve been using has two locations and I’ve been going to Location A this whole time but because of his schedule was at Location B yesterday. Apparently all the staff switches back and forth because the woman who walked in put my first cast off and took the one off last week. She even recognized me as soon as she walked in which, well, I mean, kind of sucks because it means I’ve been going often enough to be recognized but it’s also nice to know I’m going to a facility that recognizes patients.

Foot now free, I walk to go get x-rays which was just the weirdest thing ever. The foot is still a little swollen and the bottom of my foot is disgusting. Like, I need a legit pedicure and major exfoliation magic happening.

After x-rays, the doctor comes in.

I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is, the x-rays are looking good. The bad news is that the fracture line is still visible.
I really want to put you in a cast again

What’s the benefit of a boot besides bathing and sleeping?
Uh, nothing? Like, that’s it.

Right, so, this struck me as a really odd question. Like it was a test or something and I think in some ways it was: I think he wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to say “BECAUSE I CAN TAKE IT OFF WHENEVER I WANT YAYAY!”

But apparently I passed because I walked out with a boot!

Honestly, the only thing I care about is the showering part. That’s it. I’m even okay giving up free foot sleeping — which is good, because I have to wear an air cast at night. The boot can only come off for bathing, I have to wear it the rest of the time, except when I’m sleeping which is when the air cast goes on.

Last night after work I took a shower/bath combo — mostly bath, sitting in the tub so I wouldn’t put any weight on the ankle, but I stood up for the last few minutes to rinse off but, seriously. I say this after races all the time but that literally was the best shower/bath I have ever taken.

I go back in two weeks for more x-rays and we’ll see what he says after that. No physical therapy yet because he doesn’t want to move the ankle more than necessary. When I asked why it was taking longer to heal, he thought it might have something to do with that first week when I was walking. I didn’t do any real damage from that week — the fracture didn’t move or anything — but as he said I was pretty “active” that week, which may just mean it’s taking the fracture longer to heal.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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