One Week Until FitBloggin 2016!

Man, summer is just flying by this year. All of a sudden I wake up and holy shit we’re already halfway through July. Maybe that’s why it caught me off guard that my injury happened over two months ago — I have no idea where May and June went.

Being that it’s already July 15th, that means that FitBloggin 16 is one week away!

I know that a couple of weeks ago I expressed feeling a little meh about the conference this year, but now that it’s so close the excitement and anticipation is starting to build. Thanks to my Passion  Planner, I’ve even started figuring out my schedule for conference.

And, of course, I’m leading a session on Saturday that’s all about being a slow runner and offering tips and tricks, like race selection and such, so if you’re going to be at FitBloggin this year be sure to come and say hello.

I also get to drive this year, which is different: in the past I’ve always had to fly to reach the destination so I’m looking forward to having a bit more flexibility with regard to my start and leave time. I’m also loading up my iPad with lots of audiobooks from the library to help make the drive go a bit faster.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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