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Ten Truths About Being an Injured Runner

I apparently have the slowest healing broken bone ever. Had another doctor’s appointment yesterday and the fracture line is still faintly visible, eleven weeks after my fall.

So I’m still in my boot although I get to switch to an air cast on August 10th. I go back for x-rays around that time, too, and see where we go from there. It’s healing, it’s just healing very, very, very slowly.

Obviously this injury has completely wrecked whatever running plans I have made and at this point — considering I still have at least two weeks to go, possibly more plus physical therapy — I may not be running until late fall if I’m lucky.

Which brings me to today’s post! As I mentioned in my FitBloggin recap post, one of the sessions I attended was Be A Consistent Blogger…Forever, led by Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama. The conversation was fantastic and I came away with a ton of ideas.

One of the things discussed is that people like lists. Hell, as a reader I like lists, so I’m going to try and incorporate more of them in the blog starting with this very first one which is Ten Truths About Being An Injured Runner:

Have you ever been injured as a runner? 

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

6 thoughts on “Ten Truths About Being an Injured Runner”

  1. Last fall killed me. I was out for 4 weeks. I kept telling myself to enjoy sleeping in, but I'm an early riser regardless, so that didn't help. Try as best you can to look at the big picture. For me that was All the healing vibes coming your way!


  2. JILL! Think about selling your race registration! Once the registration goes up in price, you can sell yours and give them your bib. Craigslist or facebook. I'm doing the relay again or I would consider taking it from you.


  3. UGHHHHH! I'm currently an injured runner, i've been out of the game for almost TWO YEARS with feet issues, knee issues, feet issues again, and currently other feet issues. I hate it and SO badly want to run!! It sucks. I'm still walking a lot, but miss the feeling of running and what a high it gives me. Hopefully I can get back to it soon.


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