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ARCs in the wild!

If you don’t work in the book industry or have some affiliation with it, you may not be aware of the different facets of the publishing process. One of these is the Advanced Reader Copy: several months before a book’s official publication date, copies go out to book bloggers, bookstores, libraries, various fancy people, etc., to start getting the buzz going and to also collect blurbs and recommendations that they can put on the cover of the final product.

Because of where I work I actually have too many ARCs to know what to do with since it’s important for my role to know what is up and coming before books hit their street date.

As of yesterday, ARCs of my own book are out in the wild.

I had some physical copies sent to the office because 1) we work in the book industry B) we all love Cleveland and III) I work with a shit ton of runners. I knew they were in the mail but I didn’t know they had arrived until one of my co-workers brought a copy over and I completely flipped.the.fuck.out at seeing it in person.


Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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