dvt, food

gimme all the greens

When they first released me from the hospital after my DVT, I was put on the traditional blood thinner Coumadin. This is a medication that came with dietary restrictions, specifically Vitamin K, which is a natural coagulant. As such, I wasn’t really supposed to or allowed to foods with Vitamin K while we were waiting for my INR levels to get to where they needed to be.

Vitamin K shows up in lots of veggies but is specifically known to show up in leafy, green vegetables. Broccoli. Spinach. Kale. This is why, when my numbers dropped a couple of weekends ago, the nurse asked if I ate a bunch of green veggies. (No. No I didn’t.)

I haven’t had a salad in weeks. I had to give up my green smoothies. When you’re limited to what vegetables you can eat, your diet tends to turn to shit. Almost two months ago I quit dieting and said I wouldn’t voluntarily step on a scale again. But because of all of these recent doctor’s appointments, I know what I weigh and I’m slightly up. Which, y’know, whatever but I also know it’s been because I’ve been eating horribly for the past month.

When my surgeon decided to switch me to one of the newer meds, which doesn’t have dietary restrictions, I was so excited because, among other things, it meant VEGETABLES. LEAFY GREEN ONES. ALL THE LEAFY GREEN ONES.

Saturday I went out to dinner with my parents and I got the biggest damn salad I could and zomg it was so good and I’m so happy I get to have my green smoothies again for breakfast.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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