walking the fitbit walk

Back in November my parents bought me a new FitBit Charge for my birthday, which was a nice upgrade from the Zip I bought several years ago. I loved having a wrist device which showed me the number of steps that didn’t require me trying to awkwardly look down my shirt since I’d wear my Zip on my bra.

All was well and good until a couple of months ago when, right before FitBloggin, the band on my Charge started to, like, peel off.

I emailed FitBit from Indianapolis while at the conference and they put in an order to send me a replacement. But then, of course, there was my week long hospital visit thanks to Clotapocalypse. The Charge arrived while I was there although it still took another couple of days after arriving home before I cared enough to start trying to set it up.

Only the stupid thing wouldn’t work. I couldn’t get it to hold a charge for longer than an hour or two and it wouldn’t sync with my account or anything.

So then I had to email FitBit again and this time I was, ahem, very frustrated. I was also starting to walk and move around and wanted to be able to track my steps. It’s actually medically¬†necessary for me to get up and walk around because of the clot. Luckily I still had my Zip around so at least I could use that in the meantime.

FitBit HQ was out of Charges soooooo they upgraded me to an Alta!

I feel fancy and really like this new one. It’s much slimmer than the Charge so it’s not quite as obtrusive but I really like that the bands are removable. Which means not only can I change them out if I want, but if I start having issues like with the Charge, I can just buy a new one while still keeping the actual tracking device.

That said, while I’d been wearing the Zip for a week or so I realized that there are times when I liked having something I could easily put in a pocket or wear under clothes. Like if I wanted to wear a normal watch or bracelets or something. Turns out, people much smarter than me have designed and sell little devices that essentially turn the Alta into a Zip or Flex. So I bought a specially designed clip that I’ve only used a couple of times but I like having the option.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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