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Mondays Are For Coffee & Contemplation, #2

1) As of this past Saturday, my book Running with a Police Escort is a mere four months away from publication! EEK! Advanced Reader’s Copies are out in the wild and one of my friends told me he had to stop reading my book right before bed because it kept making him want to run only it would be, y’know, like 11:00 at night.

I’m knee deep in edits, working with my editor and publishing team to polish the book and make it as fabulous as possible. I used to judge books I deemed poorly edited, feeling some weird sense of triumph when I’d find mistakes but now that I’m in the middle of this I totally understand how it’s possible things get missed.

2) We had some …. excitement over the past week or so, although my use of the word “excitement” is perhaps pushing it: about a week and a half ago, BC was out of town visiting friends and while outside tripped and fell, tearing his patella tendon.

I was able to leave work a little early on Thursday so I could be there when he got out of surgery and worked from home on Friday (and his mom was around to help, too). Thanks to the long weekend we’ve slowly started to adapt and find a new routine.

What a pair we make, amirite? It was a long summer for me, now it’s a long autumn for him.

2a) When he was being discharged, the nurse was going over the medicine requirements and said he was advised to take two aspirin a day to help block against blood clots. All of us — me, BC, and his parents — gave a little laugh and the nurse just kind of gave us all a WTF look, at which point we explained about my own experience in that arena. BC’s leg is far more immobile than mine ever was and after seeing me go through that, he’s all about making sure he’s taking that aspirin as recommended.

3) Before I went on The Pill a decade ago, I’d been suffering from chronic tension headaches. I had shitty insurance and the doctor I was temporarily seeing and I never found the source and I just stopped going because it was expensive as hell. They stopped once I started taking birth control which suggests — to me, at least — that they were hormone related. Because of Clotapocolypse, the doctors took me off the pill. Which means my headaches have returned. And because of the blood thinners, I am really limited to what pain relievers I am allowed to take and Tylenol just ain’t the same as my Excedrin Migraine.

3a) I’ve been meaning to call my doctor’s office for weeks now to set up an appointment to get an IUD, I’ve just been lazy about doing it. (They have to be ordered in; my physician is in full support of me switching and probably would have put one in the day after I was discharged from the hospital and I saw her if she’d been able to.) I also have to call and ask which IUD I can get, especially now that my headaches have returned. The copper one I know is safe but it’s hormone free and I think the hormones in the hormone IUD are not the same hormones that cause blood clots to be a risk factor while on the pill but that’s one of those things I have to ask when I finally get around to making that call.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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