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Doctor In the House

Yesterday, I had a follow-up with my surgeon Dr. Stanley.

This is the same Dr. Stanley who performed the trans catheter on my DVT and who advocated for a medication change when he found out how much I was spending on the Lovenox shots. He’s just so nice and I basically love him.

Last week I had an ultrasound on my leg so this was a follow-up to that. Everything looks okay and I don’t have to go back until December. My leg still does get a little swollen — mostly at the end of the day after work — and I, admittedly, have not been propping it up as much as I probably could (or should) so I’m going to start doing that again. They also gave me a list of places where I can buy compression stockings so that’s my goal for this weekend.

Oh! Also there was Dr. Nicole: she was the resident at the hospital who I had the most interaction with so that was a very pleasant surprise. She walked in and said, “You look like you’re feeling much better compared to the last time I saw you.”

Yeahhhhhh I was a hot mess that last time, considering I’d spent the past five nights in the hospital and just wanted to get the fuck out of there.

I also asked about travelling because in one month I get to head to Boston for work. We’ll be there Sunday through Thursday and the first couple of days we will be at a conference just a couple of miles from Salem. That’s right. Salem, Massachusetts. Two weeks before Halloween.

It’s a short flight, thankfully, and he gave me some tips for that so I should be good to go!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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