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A Season of Self-Care

Autumn is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite season. Not only is it the season of my birthday (*cough* November 12 *cough) but also my favorite holiday, Halloween! Plus, y’know, Pumpkin Spice everything and the golden blaze of changing leaves and, eventually, autumn runs and, yeah. Autumn and I are BFFs.

The flip side of that, though, is that autumn is when my cyclical depression shows up. I often say Sometimes in September, Often in October, Never in November. I made it through September okay and it’s usually gone by the time my birthday rolls around, but here we are, in October and I’m moving under a sort of haze and all I want to do is sleep.

But I can’t, because there is SO MUCH going on right now. For the most part, it’s all really good stuff: Running with a Police Escort is coming out in less than three months. This weekend I’m leaving for a work trip to Massachusetts (yup, I’ll be paid to be in Boston and Salem in October. Feel free to be jealous). The podcast I do at my job is starting to pick up steam and we have some really exciting author interviews coming up.

But BC is also recovering from his patella injury/surgery so now it’s my turn to take care of him, which I am happy to do, but with work and that and my depression, I am in a place where I really need to focus on self-care. I need to take some things off my plate and take a step back and focus on me and my needs.

I need to take a blogging break.

When I look around at things in my life that add to my stress, this blog is currently one of them. Which is unfortunate but when I look at my schedule each week, all I can think is Ugh, I also should write a blog post. Which is so not the attitude I want to have but finding the time and the energy to do that is hard because when I have time and energy, I want to do other things. Or I have to do other things.

So I don’t want to blog just for the sake of blogging but I also don’t want to take a month off without any explanation beforehand, so, here I am.

I’ll still be around on Twitter and Instagram and maybe Facebook, but I won’t be writing blog posts. At least not for the next month: I’m giving myself until my birthday to just stop and breathe and focus on me.

Hope you all have a lovely month and see you on the other side.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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