Bad Blood

Y’all know that I have a small crush on the vascular surgeon who performed the surgery on my deep vein thrombosis (aka big fucking blood clot) back in late July and usually when I leave a follow-up appointment with him, I’m feeling a little like this:

This time, however, I’m feeling a little more like this:

So, okay. I’ve been seeing two doctors over the past five months. There is my surgeon and then there is the pulmonary embolism doc. A couple of months ago, the PE doc had me go in for some blood work and some of the numbers were out of range and others right on the cusp so he sent me to a hematologist for a second opinion.

The Hematologist said since we can pinpoint the exact causes of my clot — Injury, Road Trip, Birth Control — he didn’t think it would be necessary to keep me on blood thinners for life. The caveat to that, of course, is that if I got a second blood clot, then, yes, lifer.



I had an ultrasound done on my leg a couple of weeks ago and today was the follow up with Dr. Stanley. Because the DVT was so extensive (entire thigh, y’all. Purple dead zombie leg, remember), he wants to keep me on the blood thinners for at least a year.

At least. With hints that it may be longer. As in lifer.

Which, like, I get when he explained that if I were to get a second blood clot it would be “devastating” and so this would be more of a preventative measure and all and, again, I get but…

Granted, maybe in another six months he’ll decide I’m good and okay and none of this will matter. I’m just glad I’m no longer having to take those stupid fucking shots anymore and I haven’t had any excess bleeding or side effects. (Well, except for my period although I don’t know how much of that is the copper IUD (since I can’t take the pill) and how much is the blood thinners and/or some combination of both).

I dunno. Maybe I’ll get another book out of this whole saga.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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