Real Runners Virtual Summit

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A couple of months ago, my friend Katie Heddleston asked if I’d be interested in participating in her Real Runners Virtual Summit I, of course, said yes.

What is the Real Runners Virtual Summit? From the website: 

  • A place to grow as a runner while receiving expert advice, tips, and inspiration. 
  • A place to connect with fellow runners, run coaches, an exercise physiologist, a dietitian, book authors, and more.
  • A place to feel comfortable asking questions to the speakers on their expert topic. 
  • We are experts with passion, bringing a community of real runners together for this first virtual summit.
Starting February 20th, for 10 days all participants will receive links to a total of 26 master class sessions led by leading experts in the running community including yours truly and even Rachel, one of my fellow Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors! It’s really two weeks — you’ll take a break from classes and are encouraged to do a virtual run with the other participants. How cool is that?
My session is, naturally, all about being a slow runner and there are lots of other really great sessions happening over the course of the summit. 
There will also be a Facebook group where you’ll get to interact with me and all of the other session leaders! 
Early Bird registration opens on February 1st so if you want to join the party, I highly recommend you do it before the price increase on February 6th. 
Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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