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Fitness Friday: Training Edition, Week One

Well hello Lovelies!

The good news is, I’m in training mode again! WOO HOO. I would like to pretend I’m the type who can keep up a regular fitness routine with an end goal like a race but I have quickly learned that is not the case.

Training started Sunday, so that’s where I’m starting. Today’s workout will go on next week’s weekly run down.

Sunday: Yoga
Monday: .58 mile
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: .5 mile
Thursday: Yoga

I follow a training plain that has runs based on time and in the beginning they are really short, 10-15 minutes. Of course, if you’re like me and slow you can’t run very far in that time and if you’re also like me and recovering from an injury you can’t run very far in that time either.


With my new treadmill, I can run fast. Well, faster than I would outdoors. With the treadmill I can make myself run fast. So, I’m using these short runs as an opportunity to work on speed if not distance.

I have my training program in my Passion Planner, but I’m trying to remain flexible. Literally and figuratively.

I miss yoga, you guys. Like really miss it. Five years ago I had an amazing weekly practice doing all sorts of shit like standing on my head. But then I discovered spinning and kind of broke up with yoga but now, I want yoga back. Like, I really want yoga back. If this was a relationship, I’d be standing outside Yoga’s door with a boombox over my head.

Thankfully I work at a job that offers yoga during lunches, usually on Thursdays. So when I put together my training plan I put that down as my Thursday thing plus a Sunday home practice. Then work added a Tuesday yoga class to the schedule and omg. It’s also now 45 minutes instead of 30 and I am so, so happy to have a regular practice again.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

29 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: Training Edition, Week One”

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