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Fitness Friday: 10K Training, Week Four

Saturday: FitStar workout
Sunday: Rest
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 1 mile
Wednesday: 1 mile
Thursday: Rest
Friday: ?

Wonky Cleveland weather is killing my sinuses this week. I ended up working from home on Monday because I just could not deal with putting on clothes and going to the office, although I was perfectly capable of doing my job from the comfort of my home. (Once again, so grateful WFH is an option.)

No joke, last Friday it was in the 70s and on Saturday we had snow. SNOW.

This t-shirt from GV Art & Design is 10000% on point.

Tuesday I made it to the office and while yoga was cancelled, I planned ahead and brought my workout gear and went for a run on my lunch break. Also love that that’s an option.

Then on Wednesday it was all rainy and lightning and stormy, which, not super conducive to outdoor running but, HEY I HAVE A TREADMILL NOW.

I was a little worried that after running outdoors I’d loathe getting on the machine but it wasn’t so bad. I watched some Mad Men and survived.

I’m still recovering from all this sinus bullshit so I’m kind of taking it easy. I was hoping to go outside for my run this weekend but based on the forecast I don’t think that will be an option but we’ll see. I’m taking a half day today so I might get the run in after work this afternoon (hence the question mark above) or I may run tomorrow. TIME WILL TELL.

Want a signed copy of my book? YOU’RE IN LUCK! I have set up a shop and am selling copies and bonus: I’ll sign it to you! When you check out, just put the name of the person to sign the book to in the Notes box. So check out my shop and happy reading and running!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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