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Monday Miles

Last Thursday was the annual Cleveland Marathon Ambassador Meet-Up which, as ya’ll know, is one of my most favorite events ever. This year it was held at the Quaker Steak ‘n’ Lube in Valley View which is super close to my work so that was handy.

I love these people, you guys. Like I can’t even. Sadly, not everyone was able to join us but hopefully I’ll get to catch up with everyone else at the Expo (WHERE I WILL HAVE A TABLE SELLING/SIGNING COPIES OF MY BOOK) and the VIP reception dinner Friday night of race weekend.

Along with good food and good friends, we got to see the swag and medals for this year (the medals are huge zomg).

Race weekend is only a couple of weeks away, as is the one year anniversary of anklegate. I was talking with Stephanie and she was asking about my running and training and I said it was slow going — both in terms of pace and just actually getting out and doing it. As her fella Dan said: running is hard. Like, holy shit. Coming back from this injury is proving to be far more challenging than I had anticipated, mentally and physically. But then Stephanie pointed out that less than a year ago I couldn’t walk. 

Like. Dude.

When we were going to bed Friday night, I told BC “I’m planning on getting up early and running in the morning.” Then, of course, Saturday morning rolled around and I was all out of marbles and spent the day in bed.

But then on Sunday I woke up and felt great and got up and went out for a four mile run. FOUR MILES. At this point it’s been a year since I ran four miles and I was so grateful for the comment Stephanie made a few days before because it kept me going during that run and was a great reminder of just how far I have come in the past year since my injury and in the past six months since I got the go ahead to run again.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

3 thoughts on “Monday Miles”

  1. WAY to go and get out there!! FOUR miles! Holy cow, girl. You are coming back and are coming back so so strong!! So good to see you last week — see you again soon!


  2. I know how you feel on the whole “coming back from an injury”; I too had an injury then went in for surgery and it is VERY HARD to come back but sounds like we are both doing it!!


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