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Race Recap: Christmas Story 5K

For the past few months, whenever I’ve done an author event for Running With a Police Escort, during the Q&A portion I inevitably am asked “Do you have any races coming up?”

I’ve always said the Turkey Trot (which, ooops, forgot to blog about!) and mention that I’m thinking about doing the Christmas Story Run, mostly because the medal this year is a spinner and magical and omg.

Right, so, a couple Thursdays okay I was doing the Turkey Trot 5K and near the finish line we passed the casino downtown which has this digital billboard thing outside. Right as I was going by there was an ad for the Christmas Story 5K/10K with the date being December 2, 2017.


(I waited until Cyber Monday, hoping there would be a registration coupon floating around ’cause it’s a little pricey but there wasn’t but I wanted that medal so whatever.)

Those that have been following this blog for awhile and / or read my book know that I love this race. When also asked during author events my favorite race, I usually mention this one in conjunction with the Shawshank Hustle. Both races are based on favorite films but after having done this one again, it might eek out ahead just because of it being filmed here in Cleveland.

The race offers a 5K and 10K option, after doing the 10K in 2013 and 2015, I opted for the 5K this year. (I didn’t run last year because I had just gotten cleared post injury and I didn’t run in 2014 because I didn’t like the medal. True story.)

The course starts downtown Cleveland at Public Square near what used to be the old Higbees building. That scene with Ralphie visiting Santa and getting pushed down the slide? That was filmed there!

It’s a casino now and I admittedly lost $20 while waiting for the race to start LOL. But I was hardly the only person hanging out there waiting. Lots of pink bunnies gambling, let me tell ya.

Speaking of, people really get into the costumes for this race. Oh, sure, there’s lots of general Christmas / holiday outfits going on but there are also a gazillion pink bunnies and leg lamps and robbers in black and white striped tops. I went as a pink bunny the first year and this year I realized that with my black pants I could easily have gone as a robber if I had actually, y’know, thought about it and registered in advance.

From there, the course goes across the Lorain Carnegie bridge towards the Tremont neighborhood and through the streets there. The 5K ends at the house while the 10K turns around and goes back towards Public Square.

Because I’ve always done the 10K I never knew what the finish line at the 5K was like and it turns out, that’s where the party is! Like, for real. There was a beer garden and your registration included a ticket to tour the house and there’s the gift shop and all sorts of stuff. They also had an MC shouting out people’s times and encouraging words as they were crossing the finish line which was so fun. So, yeah, 5K from here on out, yo.

This year’s theme was I Triple Dog Dare You and the medal is a spinner: flick and the leg lamp spin in the middle and omg.

I can’t believe I almost didn’t sign up for this. Like, what the fuck were you thinking, Jill?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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