Rising From the Flames Yet Again


When I started The Year of the Phoenix in January 2012, I had just turned 30 and wanted to discuss life as a thirtysomething. It quickly became clear, however, that readers were most interested in my physical transformation, so about six months later I rebranded as a “healthy living blog.”


Let’s be real: it was a diet and weight loss blog, but whatever.

And, as long time readers know, I did lose weight. Lots of weight. 135 pounds or so, finally reaching my lowest in February 2013.

And then, as long time readers also know, I started to gain weight. Lots of weight. Truth is, almost as soon as I hit my lowest I started to gain it all back.

Turns out, losing weight and maintaining weight require two very different skill sets.

I’ve always maintained transparency about this, often blogging about my struggles with weight and body image. But the whole “weight loss” part of my blog lasted for only about a year and then I spent the next five years pretending.

I’m tired of pretending. It’s exhausting, maintaining the status quo of where I am in my life and what my focus is. Even after I quit dieting two years ago, I still felt I needed to pretend. Because I had this blog which for years represented one thing and now I was changing the rules.

Because I don’t want to talk about dieting or weight loss. I want to talk about body positivity and fat acceptance and body politics. I want to talk about diet culture and how I spent decades of my life attempting to fit someone else’s very narrow view of what I should look like.

The phoenix represents rebirth and renewal, rising from the ashes. In the coming weeks, I’ll be rebranding and relaunching The Year of the Phoenix as a body and fat positive blog. I know it’s a big change for my long time readers and while I hope you all will continue with me on this new ride, I totally understand if you decide this will no longer be the blog for you.

My tagline has always been Be Your Own Hero, and at this point in my life, this is the best way for me to be my own. And that includes a new superhero mascot.


Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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