Coming Out As Fat


Hello! My name is Jill and I am fat.

(Hi, Jill).

It is important for me to tell you this because I want to make sure there are no illusions or misunderstandings about what this blog is and who I am.

Fat is not a four letter word in my world. It is not an insult or a derogatory slur or negative attribution. Saying “I am fat” is a statement of fact regarding the physical features of my body. Saying “I am fat” has nothing to do with my health or fitness level. It is not a comment on my worth or value or a person.

Aside from a brief window of about two years when I was thin, I have always been a fat adult. The difference now is that instead of yo-yo-ing up and down and up and down like I did for about twenty years, I’ve actually reached a pretty stable number. I listen to my hunger cues, I move my body, and I’m still fat.

This is just who I am. This is the way my body functions.

And I am okay with that.

The name of this blog is the same, but make no mistake: this is not a weight loss blog or a healthy living blog. This is a body liberation blog. This is an anti-diet culture and body  politics and fat acceptance blog.

If that isn’t your thing, that’s okay! There are so many other blogs out there in the world that can help you with your blogging reading niche if that’s what you need, but this isn’t one of those. That said, I completely understand if you need to stop reading. I quit reading blogs all the time, so don’t worry.

But for those that stay and for the readers who are new here, welcome! I’m really excited about this new chapter and I hope you are, too.

Long time readers know that on the old blog I signed off Love from the ashes, Lady Lazarus. As a phoenix, I was always waiting for the opportunity to rise from the ashes, renewed and reborn.

I think I’ve finally reached that point, and so I have a new sign-off ….


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