fat girl friday

Fat Girl Friday Link Roundup: July 20, 2018

Fat Girl Friday

Over on Ravishly, Christine Schoenwald talks about her experiences as a fat camp survivor
In my mind and memory, I was totally a fat kid although if you look at pictures of me I wasn’t. Like, at all. I didn’t really start to gain weight until high-school and even then the only camp I went to was band camp and that was bad enough.

From The Body Is Not an Apology, why there is no such thing as a normal body and how to celebrate your body in the face of fatphobia
For years I proudly championed the phrase “plus size” to describe my body until I had this light bulb moment of “plus what though?” Even just the phrase “plus size,” as innocent as it sounds, perpetuates the idea that there is “normal” size of the human body. (Spoiler alert: there isn’t.)

Recovery Warriors has a great piece on why holding onto “skinny clothes” is a bigger deal than you think
I’ll admit that I have a box in my basement of dresses that no longer fit. Not even in a “just need to lose 10 lbs” kind of way. These are clothes that I wore when I was at my absolute skinniest and I keep them primarily for sentimental reasons: a gorgeous vintage dress I utterly adore; a bridesmaid’s dress from my sister’s wedding. Holding onto them really does seem so silly now because I am literally never going to wear them ever again.

Fatventure Mag has an interview with Bethany Kay about Dietland, stunt work and superheroes
Confession: while I have been DVR-ing Dietland since the pilot, I have yet to actually sit down and watch the damn thing. I think in my mind I’m waiting for the season to be over so I can binge watch but reading this interview may make me give it a go sooner rather than later.

LA Eater discusses LA’s next interactive “museum,” which lets fitness fanatics pretend they eat junk food
Uhhhhhhhhhhhh…… Also, tickets are $38?! I can buy a nice meal with wine and actually enjoy food for that price. No thank you.

Netflix has a new show about a high-school girl who loses weight and gets revenge and people are pissed
Fuck you, Netflix.


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