fat girl friday

Fat Girl Friday Link Roundup: July 27, 2018

Fat Girl Friday

BookRiot has a list of fat-positive Young Adult novels
Twenty years ago, when I was 15, I’m pretty sure the only fat girl I ever remember being exposed to was Blubber by Judy Blume. That’s ……. not great, so for the sake of all the women out there struggling with body image I’m glad to know there are more positive novels out there in the world. (That includes teenagers and adults. I love reading YA!)

Ravishly apparently has to tell people No, you shouldn’t ditch your fat friends
Seriously? Are there people who do this? Because that’s seriously fucked up and makes you an asshole.

Broadly has a list of 51 ways to make the world less hostile to fat people
Spoiler alert: ditching your fat friends isn’t on the list.

Blogger Jenna J. on why she doesn’t comment on other people’s bodies or food choices
Yeah, don’t comment on people’s bodies or food choices. Just don’t. That includes doing it to skinny people. Body positivisty means respecting all body types, so just like we fat people don’t like being told we should stop eating, skinny people don’t like being told they need to eat more. Several of my good friends are naturally very skinny. They eat. That’s just the way their bodies are. So just STFU about body types and food choices.

Slay has a great piece on how Fat Girls Dance is dismantling stigmas towards fat bodies
I love this. One of my philosophies regarding exercise is “play instead of punishment.” If whatever movement I’m doing feels like punishment, I stop. I’m not going to willingly torture myself in the name of “health” and “wellness” bullshit. If, however, the exercise feels like play and I’m having fun, then I’m more likely to keep doing it — not because it will be burn calories or whatever, but because I get enjoyment out of the activity.

Vox on why over 150,000 to cancel a show on Netflix that hasn’t even aired yet
In the week since the trailer first aired, the backlash has been tremendous. A tidal wave of voices have spoken out against the messages presented in the “Insatiable” trailer. GOOD JOB INTERNET.

Over on The Body is Not an Apology, Virgie Tovar asks Dear Fat Girl, do you know how powerful you are?
No comment: just read this.

“For everyone who’s ever said they’re too heavy to run, Jill’s memoir is here to prove you wrong” — Family Circle. Now through Sunday, you can buy signed copies of my slow runner memoir Running with a Police Escort for only $10! Visit my online shop today to save.


4 thoughts on “Fat Girl Friday Link Roundup: July 27, 2018”

  1. So I’ve read 2 of those books. Leah – which I LOVED (I think I like it better than Simon…..)and Dumplin. I recently saw the movie Love, Simon. I am so pissed with the casting of Leah. Maybe they cast it before the book so we didn’t really know enough about Leah? It’s way off from what Leah was supposed to look like.


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