Bottoms Up! Yoga & Brew at Sibling Revelry

Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary yoga class (and a free beer!) for blogging about the event 


This past Saturday, I headed out to Sibling Revelry Brewing in Westlake, Ohio for a yoga class and blogger meet-up as part of Bottom’s Up! Yoga & Brew,  a new Cleveland-based event that gives participants a chance to attend a yoga class at one of our many brewery’s and then have some beer and fun after.

The first official Bottom’s Up! class is Monday, August 6th, but several of us bloggers were invited to a sneak preview class at Sibling Revelry over the weekend. I love beer and I love yoga, so, naturally, I love any opportunity to combine them both. Classes are $15, which includes an hour long yoga class and a complimentary beer after. Can’t really beat that.


The class itself was really great – a slow flow practice which this very much out-of-practice yogi appreciated. The class started and ended with a meditation practice and the instructor, Maranda, had an incredible music playlist to accompany it. That said, it was clear to both me and my body that I was very much out of practice when it came to certain poses (I’m looking at you, Down Dog). But then there were other poses, like Prasarita Padottanasana: one of my absolute favorites, and I would have thought would be a challenge, but my head was almost nearly to the floor.

This is my regular reminder to all of you that size does not determine flexibility. Practice  determines flexibility. Flexibility determines flexibility. Your size does not determine flexibility. I’ve been the biggest person in a yoga class before and I’ve been able to achieve certain levels of poses that skinnier people were not because my yoga practice was at a more advanced stage. Also, sometimes my body — as big as it may be  — naturally bends in a way that smaller bodies don’t, a thing that has confounded certain yoga instructors, much to my continued frustration.

After the class, we all had a drink and hung out and chatted for awhile (I had, and recommend, the Lavender Wit). I’ve had Sibling’s beer before — Cleveland has a solid craft beer community and lots of it can be found in local restaurants and grocery stores — but I hadn’t yet had an opportunity to visit their brewery, so I was all for some balance and brews while hanging out with local blogger friends, like Alicia, Kate, and Rachel.


It was definitely one of those times where I am so grateful to be part of the Cleveland blogging community. But it also made me realize that I made the right choice in rebranding this blog and its focus. Over the past month, since the relaunch, I have consistently blogged three times a week. For the past year, I was lucky if I had three blogs a month.

Plus, y’know, gotta represent the fat yogis whenever and wherever I can.

If you’re in Northeast Ohio, be sure to visit Bottom’s Up! Yoga & Brew for more information and upcoming classes. There will be events all over the city and you might end up seeing me at some of the west side spots!


3 thoughts on “Bottoms Up! Yoga & Brew at Sibling Revelry”

  1. I could see you, upside down through my legs, during Prasarita Padottanasana, & you were, like, ALL the way to the ground! I really enjoyed the class, even if yoga may not necessarily be my thing. I’d like to try another – & the beer at the end is a good dangling carrot for me.


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