fat girl friday

Fat Girl Friday Link Roundup: August 3, 2018

Fat Girl Friday

From Bitch, Dietland and the language of fatphobia
Maybe one of these days I’ll just do an entire blog post dedicated to the fatphobic messages I see in a single day. For those who either a) aren’t fat or b) aren’t aware of the sheer volume of diet culture we face, it might be a rather illuminating post.

Over on Vulture, Guy Branum talks about why he wants to see more real fat people on tv
Everything he says about Kate’s character on This Is Us is why I stopped watching This Is Us.

From Variety, Hulu Orders Comedy Series “Shrill” starring Aidy Bryant
I die. I’m dead.

Virgie Tovar is back this week, this time on Electric Literature where she offers up her reading list for the fat babe feminist revolution
I totally had a copy of Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life, the question is do I still have it somewhere in our house…. Also, I loved Jessamyn Stanley’s Every Body Yoga and got to interview her (in person!) for the Professional Book Nerds podcast. Check out our conversation here. Virgie’s own book, You Have the Right to Remain Fat, is out August 14th.

Bustle has the info on Khloe Kardashian’s Good American activewear line, which goes up to a 4X
Two words I never thought I’d type on my blog: Khloe. Kardashian. Honestly, though, having activewear go up to a 4x is a big fucking deal. One of the dumbest things we fat folks have to deal with is the bullshit surrounding exercise: for starters, we are expect to work out. Like, all the time. (Spoiler alert: you don’t owe anyone any level of activity.) But then idiots get pissed when brands make exercise clothes in larger sizes. WHICH ONE IS IT, PEOPLE? WOULD YOU PREFER WE WORKOUT NAKED? ‘CAUSE I CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN.


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